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  1. Hahaha w/e man, it's just rep. I find the comments on your page here a lot funnier haha.

  2. Banned for joining this forum during the month of March.
  3. LOL yo man .. one comment got me like -65.

    i love CDC :P

  4. your comment made me laugh. :P

  5. Don't worry about it, this site is known to overreact over something tiny. It is kind of funny considering his past and his proneness to injuries - only Sami could find a way to rupture a testicle when he's supposed to have protection there. It's ironic, if not slightly comedic. I gave you a pity plus =)

  6. Yep, I contributed to your minus'.

    That was just retarded

  7. Hope you've learned your god damn lesson. "ruptured testicle LOLLLL". I hope you have a child, so I can run into the delivery room and yell "labor LOOLLL".

  8. Oh Jesus, your rating just got ruptured...

  9. Gotta love CDC.

    Went from +25 to -28 in a span of an hour. I think the lesson I learned here is to not comment on a subject matter I have little understanding on. :$

    I feel bad now .. after ACTUALLY thinking about the implications this has on the entire team.

  10. I kind of feel bad for you, -41 with one comment...I know you didn't mean it badly.

  11. It was a joke. Chill bud.

  12. Laughing at Salo having a ruptured testicle?

    Yeah, you're cool.

    I'm hoping you get a ruptured... (yeah, I'll keep it PG13).

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