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  1. How many finish defencemen become legends? Should have went with Chychrun a good Canadian boy with brute strength or a Russian. This is dumb pick up and I have to question Weisbrod, is he secretly working for Calgary? i CANNOT wait until these clowns running this show is fired- 3 years is all I give them.
  2. aslong golden state warriors didn't win, bandwagon jumper fans. Good on lebron, and yes im questioning myself on if the NBA is rigged after watching this series. why? i had too post this lol, hey you never know! lol
  3. Another case of a wrestler beating his wife, so how many is that now?
  4. nba $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ warriors will win. It's all $$$$$$$$$$$$$ curry will win.
  5. Drayvon Green is the reason Warriors are who they are. The guy doesn't get enough credit but he plays some amazing defence and knocks down timely shots. Having him back should be a easy win for Warriors.
  6. a guy like Lebron needs to attack with speed and size, the guy is not selfish enough. This is on Lebron 18 points and 11 missed free throws by the team, they had Warriors were they wanted but they choked tonight. Series is over, no chance warriors losing now, good run lebron maybe come to toronto now? lol
  7. do me a favour and message me after punk gets rocked by the rookie.
  8. um cain vasqueles fight showed how bad lesner is at taking a shot, please don't let the wrestling delusional fans trick you into thinking lesnar will somehow beat hunt, not happening hunt is a experienced guy. from a business stand point- UFC if lesnar loses, ufc wins big time because guess what, lesnar will become a nobody, go back to your fake sport bud, if he wins WWE will get the cross-over fans from ufc who might want to watch wrestling yahhhhhhh right lol mma fans watching wrestling lolz same thing with Punk, once punk loses watch ufc take shots at wrestling(Fake sport) this is a perfect subliminal way to defeat your competition. pretty much Lesnar has to perform at the fight, but the thing about Hunt is he lands one shot this things over, and he will defeat lesnar in a way he hasn't been defeated before. Lesnar has to take him to the ground, but again Hunt has a background in juistu. I don't see lesnar winning against hunt.
  9. Brock lesnar vs Mark Hunt. will be interesting, my money is on Hunt.
  10. sorry Lebron not this year. Congrats warriors, this series is over.
  11. Mr ALF, no wrestling fan wants to admit this but wrestling is slowly dying because things like UFC is coming up and UFC is the fastest growing sport right now. The thing about Wrestling everything has been done, and now in this era with UFC being there it will be tough for them to compete. Every-year they are going down in ratings, if this plummet continues in 4 years they will be screwed, another thing why do you think they are now going to Dubai because they know their faith in north america. Wrestling is dying, no wrestling fan wants to admit this because they are simply nuts. Honestly, wrestling fans are like delusional they spend 3 hours on monday watching the worst garbage ever then somehow find ways to say it was okay. lol 1 more thing ask yourself in 4 years who will save wrestlemania? Right now they rely on the legends, like taker the rock, stone cold, maybe goldberg in the future and after this they are toast.
  12. watching Granlund play against the big boys just showed me how bad he really is. The guy has bad hockey iq and horrible just horrible strength. If he couldn't make team finland that should show us something as fans, which is cleary Calgary fleeced Benning in a trade that shouldn't have been made. Granlund couldn't even make the 4th line, or even be a extra obviously finlands coaching saw something bad in Granlund's game, which is he can't win a board battle and is weak on the puck overall. Has zero skill other then a shot that he barely can use because guess what he doesn't have hockey iq. Granlund might be a good person but hockey related he is just bad, just watch him next year- horrible trade.
  13. that just shows you how bad he really is, haha what a freaking jokee. Im pissed off at reading this, the guy is so bad that he can't even make team FINLAND wow. also remind me again why we traded our highly skilled forward for this guy>?
  14. time to jump back on the wagon its tied! lol raptors might win lol
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