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  1. I didn't mind his game today, he had two nice shots and this is what I ask from, wish he took the puck to the net a bit more but he is young now my concern is Jakes passing is very bad. They are like grenades, its like making a player in nhl 16 with zero passing ability, that's were Button nailed it. He needs to improve his passing in the off-season, I don't know if Benning guys see this.
  2. Virtanen I have given patience but this guy doesn't have the IT factor. McCann does,(shows those slick flashes, like tonight on the 2 on 1 passed it to higgins) young players show something early!, Virtanen shows me a freaking player that is slightly better then Dorsett at the moment. He literally has zero hockey iq,- i can't get over this fact, because hockey players need HOCKEY IQ! conclusion - off to AHL next year kid, you need to learn how to be more professional, since your way too immature and needs to improve his hockey iq, this guy looks like a career 3rd liner at the mom
  3. should have drafted Nylander, another 3 point night, and actaully makes plays with the puck has a rocket from the point. Bad pick big time bad pick. Virtanen is a 3rd or 2nd line guy at most whereas nylander is looking like a elite player early in his career.
  4. i have just take that cable thingy, im talking about whistler btw lol sit on those cable chairs and up you go lol
  5. just saw hamius say he will struggle in his first game? What's up with this, first the Sedins and now Hamhuis, maybe they see something we haven't or they are taking the pressure off the kid, but I do prefer them saying, we know he will play hard instead saying things like OH he's not going to be the saviour or he will struggle.
  6. here we go, wednesday who are they playing?
  7. scout if you want lol this is the only video on NA ice some positives in the video. so he is going to be atleast a better version of this.
  8. that's the thing that got to me too, remember they were the ones who would rave about Hutton, so the Sedins' probably seen something we haven't yet. However, its important we all lower our expectations on this guy, give him 2-3 years before even starting the hype train. Just go look at Chara's first two years in the NHL, he will first need to adjust to the speed of the NHL, and the overall timing, which will take him some time.
  9. visas take some time, especially if your going to India for the first time but you would think with the money this team has they could pull some strings wink wink.
  10. so what's taking Benning so long, I'm giving this a official 30 day wait period until I push the panic button and confirm Benning has somehow screwed up this basic signing. day 1.
  11. Shanny got him he took him out and bought him some Russian vodka and signed him llol
  12. oilers will get that Chyrchun kid. if they don't land Mathews, and with the way we are playing we will be picking in 8-11 range, UGH! leaves us with what?
  13. will the Russians pay the price come playoffs, we know Canadian D-men would but would they?
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