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  1. Oilers were robbed by  Toronto tonight, lol check this out 


    1. Grapefruits


      ant yet they only showed this angle once.  but they showed the overhead view multiple times which was obviously useless.

  2. team1040 will have a great topic for the next 3 days, lol missing the empty net

    1. viking mama

      viking mama

      Yup! Every segment like 'Tell me I'm wrong','Did ya get the memo?' and the rest of those listener-emails will be riding Danny & have their 2-bits to say about it too.

  3. Guys time to admit Mcdavid is the real deal, im just amazed watching this guy. Canucks' better not take this team lightly; Oilers are finding there groove.

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    2. The Weasel

      The Weasel

      The oilers still suck, but mcdavid is otherworldly.

    3. Trebreh


      watch us shut them out tomorrow.

    4. Jam126


      Apparently, McDavid=The whole team.

  4. pic.twitter.com/fAqOZVZglw hahahahahahahaha

  5. Notice how Ehlers got his first NHL goal on the powerplay, lol keep giving those minutes to the vets willie

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    2. Pears


      Notice how we're first in the West. Lol keep trolling desi.

    3. canuktravella


      no desi is right

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Hmm.. we have McCann playing, Virtanen playing, Baer, and Hutton. And we have 7 out of 8 points in 4 games....

  6. PLEASE pick up Matt Irwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      If there was one less defenseman on the roster I would say yes.

    3. milk and honey

      milk and honey

      san jose fans called him the worst player in the nhl. Couldn't make boston defense and you want him. smh

    4. Jam126
  7. Auston Matthews Clap clap clap!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Auston Matthews is going to be the real deal. Wonder who gets him next year.

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      we could always trade higgins for the 1st over-all pick..on cdc anyway.

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Lets trade Horvat, McCann, Subban, and two firsts for him. He's the next Crysby.

    4. Edlerberry


      omg but chychrun is already stronger than anyone on our team

  9. Mcdavid is that good!

    1. Blame Obama
    2. ShakyWalton


      and we will hear how good all year...until its coming out of our ears.

  10. Kind of surprised nobody made a trade Sedins to Toronto proposal yet lol

  11. Is superstore lasagna any good? anyone know?

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    2. SaintPatrick33


      Tastes like recycled cardboard sprinkled with salt. hope that helps!

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      It is definitive garbage. Read an Italian cookbook. Or, go to Italy and learn for yourself.

    4. SaintPatrick33


      or just get a wife who knows how to cook. Maybe benning can get you a grinder for a wifee?

  12. My god people are still protesting for Micheal Brown. Lol I swear this is too much.

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    2. thejazz97


      Why aren't the upset over all the other murderers that got away scot free?

    3. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      i think they are protesting cuz a friend of michael brown was killed by a cop last week and he was unarmed. if i heard correctly

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Breaking news:

      President Obama has approved legislation that gives Desiboy the power to decide who can protest what.

  13. Cody Franson still not signed wow lol

    1. Ossi Vaananen

      Ossi Vaananen

      No one has the cap space.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Give him $1.5 million, trade Sbisa, for a defensive prospect. Then re-sign him for a long term deal?

    3. SaintPatrick33


      Nobody wants a leafs cast-off, he is just as soft in the corners as our guys are

  14. Please don't sign Franson, I don't know why I get the feeling Canucks' are trying to sign him.

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Because Bobby Sang is so much better right Desi?

    3. Gstank29


      Bo-Sang = Erik Karlsson (the Norris Trophy winner not the Carolina prospect)

    4. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      Wait, you complain about giving up on 'skill' and then don't want to sign a puck mover. Oh Desi.

  15. I hope Rhonda loses today, I'm getting annoyed of her.

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    2. c00kies


      She should fight LeBron.

    3. bigbadcanucks


      She should fight desi.

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Honestly I hope this really hurts UFC. I'm more tired of it in general. But I doubt it.

  16. Anyone know a natural remedy for a strep throat/soar throat? Like one you have tried and it worked?

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    2. King Heffy
    3. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      LeanBeef has my answer

    4. SaintPatrick33


      You will probably need an asthma puffer, salt water will only help the flem in your throat not in your lungs

  17. Up next Benning trades away Hamuis for another grinder. hmmmm maybe a max talbot

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    2. Baer.


      Kassian was nothing more than a grinder for us and by your standards so was Bonino

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      king of the bitch.

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Up next Desi trades Edler for Bo Sang.

  18. How's Franson not signed yet?

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    2. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      hes waiting for the canucks to sign him

    3. The 5th Line

      The 5th Line

      Because he is overrated and he's asking for to much money. Being in Toronto for to long built up his ego, clearly

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      wants too much... demanding,

  19. So why did Obama get a nobel peace prize?

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    2. Chalky


      Because they gave it to him.

    3. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      Because he averaged 3 points per game in the AHL

    4. Edlerberry


      he only got one. bust.

  20. Long time ago I use to think Kassian would get us something decent, but Brandon Prust tough pill to swallow, still not over it .

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    2. PhillipBlunt


      Bo-sang is gone.

    3. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      If he played decently he'd get some decent.

    4. Herberts Vasiljevs

      Herberts Vasiljevs

      So you're upset that we didn't trade Kassian back to Buffalo for Hodg……. *cough*, sorry…. I mean, Sanguinetti?

  21. lol this summit thing is freaking entertaining lol

  22. Brandon Prust !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. brilac


      Oh yeah oh yeah!!! Excited to see him play as a Canuck!

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      better than kassian...

  23. Where's Dane Fox?

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    2. Edlerberry


      still about even imo

    3. Armada


      I can see him pushing for a Utica spot.

    4. ShakyWalton


      I can too..he had a pretty good year in the Zoo...

  24. Just watched the prospect shootout, who's this mcheny guy?

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