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  1. There was voter fraud..... https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/14/us/barry-morphew-colorado-wife-murder-suspect-voter-fraud-charge/index.html
  2. These two morons in particular, are lucky they still have a kid. A gun in the hands of a 2 year old is a terrifying prospect....and I think it's a miracle that things didn't end up far worse. The point of my posting this story is (once again) to point out the fallacy of having a loaded gun in the house for "protection". It's far more likely to end up in this kind of scenario than it is some paranoid cowboy fantasy of shooting an intruder, hell bent on killing you and your family.... ....and wtf is up with a trigger than can be pulled by a 2 year old, anyway?
  3. The sad part about this series is that one of the teams is going to win.... ...the good news is that one of them is going to lose.....Leafs in 6....
  4. Don't know what's happened to the Jets, especially Hellebuyck, but these teams seem to be headed in opposite directions. Taking the Oil..
  5. I used to hate Minny, but Kaprisov is worth the price of admission.....Unfortunately for him, I think the Knights are just too good. Vegas in 5
  6. Really pulling for the Islanders, but my head tells me Pens in 6....
  7. Yeah, I like the 'Canes. Nashville will manage one win, methinks....
  8. As hard as it is to bet against the defending champs, I'm taking the Panthers in 6....
  9. "Law abiding citizens"..... https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/2-y-o-shoots-mother-and-father-inside-maine-home/vi-BB1gHq7B
  10. Probably this... I don't remember what the number was, but there were reports of Brind'amour signing for a very team friendly number in Raleigh....that has tp throw a monkey wrench into the plans of every other coach looking for a new deal.
  11. I don't know...... With the clown show that was the Trump presidency, I doubt that a story like that would have moved the needle...It's probably a bit more noteworthy with Biden, because he isn't calling anyone a "fat pig", or making adjustments to weather maps with a Sharpie.... As for the lack of transparency in the original article, I actually agree with your objection. I just find it telling that the author of the opinion piece didn't feel that the truth of the situation was egregious enough and needed to be "augmented" with some misleading details.
  12. Here's hoping that Gym Jordan is one number off.....
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