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  1. ....says the guy who lost the House, the Senate and the presidency.....
  2. It's baffling actually.... Look at it like smoking. Yes, it's your choice, but there's a reason you aren't allowed to smoke in public places and around your co-workers....
  3. Another guy I wouldn't mind kicking the tires on for the 4th line (and maybe even the third) is Michael Bunting. Had a big second half for the 'Yotes last season and is UFA, even though he's only 25 years old. Last contract was just over $700k.... https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=170104 https://www.si.com/hockey/news/meet-the-pending-ufa-nobodys-talking-about
  4. Yep. Anti-science....anti-sex.....pro religion.....pro gun.....want to control women's bodies.... ....and hold in contempt those that don't look and think as they do....
  5. Sounded like Rorschach to me..... "Give me back my face! Give me back my face!"
  6. TBH, that plus his size is why I kind of would like to see the Canucks sign him. We're sorely lacking in exactly the area he excels in....
  7. I said quite a while back that I'd take a look at Dmitry Kulikov if I was JB. His current deal pays 1.5 million....he's got decent size....can throw a hit.....could be a decent third pairing guy. The only downside is that he's a lefty, but you can't have everything....

    Tokyo Olympics

    The girls are really doing it for Canada so far.... Meanwhile, Felix loses to an Aussie ranked around #190, who was only added to the Olympics because of an injury to Andy Murray.... In women's softball, Canada beat Italy (as expected) 8-1, although the game was much tighter than the score indicated. The Italians scored their first run of the tournament, after an error at SS put runners on the corners for team Italy. The got a 2 out single to score their only run and the reaction from the players was like they had just won the whole thing....

    Tokyo Olympics

    Best part was that she wears glasses and had to squint at the scoreboard to see if she had won.....then it was "OMG!".....

    Tokyo Olympics

    Easily the feel good story of the Olympics so far.... Last night TSN showed a video of his family watching from home and it was absolute bedlam. Apparently, he didn't even have a track suit for the medal ceremony. Just showed up in shorts and a t-shirt.... Great story.

    Tokyo Olympics

    Pretty sure they call traveling in the International game....that has to mess up the NBA guys....
  12. Yeah, hard to picture them knocking off the Mexicans, especially with the guys they're missing from the lineup. To make it even more difficult, I read yesterday that Cavalini won't be able to play the semi-final due to yellow card accumulation.
  13. I had zero side effects with both shots. TBH, I was a bit concerned about a lack of efficacy, but Dr @Jaimitostraightened me out. (as did my GP, who was the one who gave me my second shot) I chalk it up to extreme age and the fact that I've probably had everything by now and nature is struggling to keep up with my history of infections....
  14. We had this discussion in the NFL thread, after a coach was fired for not getting vaccinated. (Vikings OC, Rick Dennison) @Fanuckmade the point that it's probably the CBA that prevents the league from mandating it with the players. That being said, Bishop is right. Who would want to tackle and unvaccinated opponent? I'm not really clear on the rules for players who refuse the vaccine, but I can't imagine they'd be allowed to play....
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