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  1. That seems like it should be obvious and I have said much the same myself, but after watching the aftermath of the election, I wonder.... Would his die-hard supporters have continued to support him if he supported the kinds of restrictions in places like NY and Minnesota? Would an admission that he was in over his head on Covid and a sudden deferral to science have kept the MAGATS in his corner? These are people who gave unwavering support for all the wrong reasons, (like Mulsim bans, forced family separations, extortion of a foreign President, etc.) but I wonder if they would have would have kept it up for the right reasons?
  2. I came across this article on does a deep dive into the shenanigans that took place in Michigan after the election. I found it very informative: I'm only posting the link, because it's a looooonnngg article. That being said, there was one quote that I thought was particularly on point: That is so on point. This entire mess is all about making Bone Spurs "feel better" about losing.....and to hell with the democratic process.

    NFL thread

    When a play fails, you can usually point to something that caused it to fail.....the question is, was it a smart move to bet against someone failing to do their job in that situation?
  4. Looks like Diaper Donny is walking back his statement about conceding if the EC gives Biden the Presidency: So now, JB has to prove a negative... Anyone still standing by those 4D chess comments or do you all now admit that you were a few thousand AU's away from the truth?
  5. Great idea! But instead of chocolate for each day, some more appropriate a bone, a pair of spurs, a bottle of bleach, a UV light, a package of Alex Jones Taint Towels, an invitation to Brett Kavanaigh's next kegger.....
  6. How long before Fisher-Price is awarded a massive contract to build a Wall, or something....?
  7. Rudy's been trying to spin these losses as a means to an end....that is, getting the cases to the Supreme Court..... However, there is no guarantee that SCOTUS will hear these cases and in the run up to the election, they were deferring to the States' decisions. Hopefully, they'll blow Rudy's case(s) out of the water and this charade will finally be least, in the actual courts, if not the court of public opinion where the brainwashed masses of Maga Morons won't buy anything but Trump's and Rudy's lies....
  8. I thought of a way to make this clip more representative.... First, put Lion #1 in one of these: The hyenas in these: ...and Lion #2 in one of these:
  9. Exactly....and as I said, during the actual program, the narrator was explaining how much danger that lion was in, until the Cavalry showed up....
  10. I'm not sure what point they thought they were making there, but I watched that episode and the fact is, that big tough lion was toast, if his brother hadn't shown up. (Yes, the other lion was his brother)
  11. I don't know much about it, but apparently "Parler" is where it's at now for alt-right diaper wearers, who are pissed off that Twitter doesn't let them lie freely anymore....
  12. Real talk by Pennsylvania's AG Josh Shapiro, about the "Hearing" led by Rudy Giuliani, that Bone Spurs phoned in to: