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  1. Trump won the Gold medal for scandals..... ....he was so proud, he went out and had it bronzed....
  2. Do it yourself, G....just make sure your phone is ready to record the response:
  3. It's a good line, but you should cite your source.... Steven Wright?
  4. Umm.....dude....doesn't this make you the dead horse?
  5. Gotta get one of these for the next staff Zoom meeting....
  6. What I get from this, is that kos only shops at stores that allow only 4 patrons at a time....
  7. It's true....the Trump presidency has a F**k up factor of 2.5.....
  8. POTUS # 44 tore #45 a new one yesterday in Philly: Enjoy.....
  9. Hey Rowdy, check this out: Trudeau's involvement with WE comes nowhere near this level of corruption.....
  10. Unbelievable..... Trump extorted a foreign government to try and ensure his own re-election. He was also forced to shut down his own charity, because he was using the money for himself and they still couldn't get rid of him....
  11. Just a side note....that wouldn't count as parents separated from their children. The numbers are accurate, despite what your blind devotion to this POS administration might have you believe....
  12. All of the above.... ....super sleuths Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and a blind computer tech have cracked this case wide open.......
  13. In the midst of all the stupidity about the phony Hunter Biden story and Bone Spurs being a crybaby because Leslie Stahl asked him some real questions, there is one story that seems to be flying under the radar. I remember arguing with several Trump supporters when the Administration instituted their "Zero Tolerance" border policy. One of the common refrains was that "They want legal immigration".....of course we know now that this was not the case. In fact, Jeff Sessions put the family separation policy in place to deter immigration, legal or otherwise. It was quite some time ago that a judge told the administration to reunite the separated children with their parents. Now these scumbags are telling the judges that they can't find many of those parents: Not long ago, one of the local Trump supporters was telling me how as a father, he was "disturbed" by a Rudy Giuliani claim that a laptop supposedly owned by Hunter Biden contained photos of "underage children". So I'll ask, "As a father, how do you feel about an administration that separates children from their parents as a punishment and doesn't GAF if they ever get reunited?"