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  1. Former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy has been sentenced to jail: I hope the US DOJ is taking notes....
  2. Yeah, that one and the clowns who wanted to watch the "replay" just made me shake my head. Funny thing is, I'd bet the mortgage that the clowns who walk around with the signs and the flags chanting about "freedom", would be the first to defend the cops in this situation. If anyone is having the freedom infringed upon, it's the people who's homes are broken into because cops can't even be bothered to make sure they have the right address.
  3. That's only part of it. The homeowner has no recourse for recovering the costs of repairing the damage done by the police. I'd estimate that the cost of repairing a damaged door jamb is between $100 and $200. If the door itself is significantly damaged, (which it often is) you can double that estimate. It doesn't matter if the cops broke into the wrong house. The owner is left with the cost of repairing the damage.
  4. BTW @Canorth My post was tongue in cheek, which doesn't really translate well on a forum...I'm hoping your reaction was as well....
  5. Not sure how many of us watched "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" last night, but Oliver basically tore Cops a new one.... His "main story" was about Police Raids and how they are abused by law enforcement, resulting in needless injuries and deaths every year. The vast majority are drug raids and as Oliver pointed out, the bar for obtaining permission to carry out these raids is ridiculously most cases, police just need to show a reasonable suspicion. In one case that Oliver pointed out, a known drug user had told a cop that he bought cocaine at a certain residence. Not surprisingly, he was either lying or mistaken. In one rather horrific case, the cops tossed in a flash-bang grenade, which landed in the crib of a sleeping toddler. (Once again, a case of the wrong address) In another case, the person who lived at the address had a security camera. The cops asked him for the code so they could view their storming of his home and see how "cool" it looked. The camera clearly shows the cops all staring at the video, while the wrongly accused home owner sits handcuffed in a chair.... Oliver also pointed out the difference between "no knock" and "knock and announce" warrants. Most people would expect the use of "knock and announce" to cut down on tragedies like Breonna Taylor's, but as Oliver explained, the difference between the two is negligible. One thing that was also striking is that in a country with so many "Stand your ground" laws, homeowners have next to no rights in these situations. Breonna Taylor's boyfriend thought it was a home invasion and fired at police. He was charged with attempted murder. (a charge that was later dropped, thanks to the amount of publicity the case garnered. Unfortunately, as Oliver showed, this is not the usual case) In the end, Oliver calls for an end to police raids for drug offenses. An assessment I agree with whole heartedly. However, what I expect is backlash. Both from Police unions, who undoubtedly feel they're being "unfairly attacked" (again) and the "Blue Lives Matter" crowd, who seem to automatically circle the wagons whenever law enforcement comes in for criticism....except of course, when the law enforcement officers are standing in the way of "Patriots" attempting an insurrection.... Thoughts?
  6. "Election Integrity"..... Tell us again why we shouldn't call Trump supporters "stupid"....
  7. You asked why nobody seems to GAF when you disappear for a while..... ^^^^^ there's your answer.....
  8. Jays open the Spring Training sked with a 6-4 win over the Yankees. George Springer didn't play. (he starts on Tuesday) RBI doubles from Rowdy Tellez and Cavan Biggio and a late opposite field dinger from prospect Logan Warmoth.
  9. Mike Weir is currently leading the Tour Champions (used to be called the Senior Tour) Cologuard open. Weir has a one stroke lead (-15) with about five holes left to play...
  10. BTW folks, don't forget to mark Thursday the 4th on your calendar.... ...that's the day the "Q" clowns make complete fools of themselves....and then suffer crushing disappointment....(again)....
  11. I think that for the sake of accuracy, you would have to actually punch those face and then gauge your subsequent level of satisfaction...I would certainly volunteer, but this would obviously be a highly coveted position and they could probably auction it off and make a few million in disaster relief. BTW: I think there would be a few new "contenders". For instance, I think skipping the Covid Relief vote so he could attend a White Supremacist rally has really caused Paul Gosar's stock to rise... That being said, it's important to remember that in a GQP "Punchable Face" competition, there are no winners.....only losers...
  12. I think what you're forgetting here is the context of when the statement was made...Cruz obviously saw the chance of losing his title and redoubled his efforts. I think that to be fair, we'll have to wait until Missouri is devastated by multiple tornadoes and see how long it takes Hawley to make a big investment in Mobile Home construction....