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    NFL thread

    Bye week kind of sucks, but watching all three division rivals lose takes some of the sting out if it....
  2. Apologies for making you listen to Piers Morgan, but this is the best Trump impression ever:
  3. Looks like Blinken gets the nod.... (sorry, couldn't resist)
  4. Not the same type of loss that the Trump administration has been experiencing lately, but another loss, nonetheless..... With the daily circus that is the Trump administration, this story might have slipped through the cracks for many people..... a nutshell, Trump appointed a staunch supporter as head of a government funded media outlet and tried to turn it into a propaganda machine. Sound familiar?

    NFL thread

    Hate the Cowboys, but that catch by CeeDee.....
  6. Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Jordan Sekulow are promising a "Biblical" lawsuit in fact, according to Powell, Governer Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger are in on the scam: Even for a Trump lawyer, the comments by Powell are surprising. I'm not an expert, but it seems to me that her comments regarding Kemp and Raffensperger are libelous.... I'll be interested to see all this "tons of evidence" appear in court. It's almost like the old days, when Harv would post "tick tock" on a daily basis.....
  7. Could be....It was water under the bridge for me.... Of course, that wasn't the only area I diverged from most Jays' fans.....I also agreed with Shatkins' moving on with Edwing, Bats and Donaldson. I was disappointed that they didn't get better returns (same with Stro) but I agreed that it was time to rebuild....
  8. Chris Christie is criticizing the Trump campaign, calling their legal efforts "an embarrassment"... Think about that for a second.....this guy is calling them "an embarrassment:
  9. It isn't enough that the Trump clown show plays on a daily basis in the US.....he's making sure the entire world knows what a moron he is, before he leaves office: How is it possible that 71 million people are buying what this idiot is selling.
  10. The disagreement that I had with the bulk of the crew was when the Jays exercised their team option on opinion that I stand by. There was a general opinion that the Jays should decline and hit the FA market with that money. My opinion was that Dickey was a known commodity, who gave the team 200 innings year in and year out. That's an underrated stat IMO. I can't remember the name of the guy, but a couple of the boys I was disagreeing with wanted the Jays to dump Dickey and go after him. IIRC, he eventually signed for more and had less success.....
  11. Not sure where I read it, but apparently, Rudy described this as "a win". He used the "logic" that now they have these pesky state level suits done with, they can now go to the Supreme Court, where I'm guessing he thinks that Bone Spurs can call in some markers....
  12. Hey guys! Quit saying that Trump voters are stupid! "I'm Joe Biden and I approve of this message"....
  13. When court cases fail, try and sabotage the recount..... I notice that none of the usual CDC Trump supporters have been around lately. I would have expected some effort to justify the actions of the Trump campaign over the past two weeks....I mean, I'm not sure how you could, but I expected them to at least try....
  14. Sorry, I thought you were talking to me.... ....that's my name...Mr Wensleydale.... Although I'm thinking of changing it to Red Leicester....
  15. Bone Spurs is claiming that "Big Pharma" delayed their reports of the efficacy of Covid vaccines until after the election in an effort to hurt him politically: I seem to recall a CDC poster suggesting the same thing at the time Pfizer made their announcement. I can't remember who it was, but if you're reading this, were "right"....
  16. I'm not sure how this news hurts Alberta, but I'm sure they'll think of something....\
  17. It also bears repeating that all of these frivolous lawsuits serve a dual purpose.... They galvanize Trump's support, by throwing shade at the electoral purpose and create enough doubt in the minds of Trump fans that the election was stolen from him. This galvanizes his base, something that most election losers don't manage to maintain, at least not in such numbers. Secondly, the Trump campaign is using these lawsuits to raise funds. It's creating quite a war chest, I'm sure and it could make the prospect of purchasing a media outlet much easier, considering the amount of debt that Trump personally has accrued.
  18. Yeah, I don't see him creating a new party, however, a new media outlet is entirely within the realm of possibility. There were even reports of preliminary discussions for the purchase of NewsMax: I think that Trump could envision himself as the new Roger Ailes, or maybe even the new Rupert Murdoch. With the clout he currently carries within the Republican party, he could become the "Kingmaker"....the "power behind the throne" as it were. I think this is a big reason that we're seeing all these ass-kissers sticking by him, even though they all know the jig is up and come Jan 20th, Joe Biden will be moving into the White House. Right now, future presidential hopefuls are jockeying for position, and being in Trump's good books looks like the easiest path to the 2024 nomination (if Trump doesn't go for it himself) Above all, Trump loves attention and people kowtowing to him. Being the man who's endorsement every GOP candidate needs, as well as being the power behind a major right wing media outlet would give Trump virtually everything he desires.
  19. Re title change: I just asked Stealth and he took care of it.

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      Looks like b3 REALLY took care of it.

    2. ShakyWalton


      sens a message to Stealth or B3 and ask if it can be changed.

    3. PhillipBlunt
  20. Re: "Rinse Rupert"...


    What'd you expect? The Carnival's in town...^_^


    Agree with the Fort Mac reference.

    1. chon derry

      chon derry

      maybe they should set up on 63 south of ft.mac

    3. chon derry

      chon derry

      i remember when they used to set up at roosevelt field there was a rumble up there. carnies do we really need them?