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  1. With the ridiculous number of shootings in the past few weeks, it's pointless to keep posting them here.... ...so instead, I'll post something positive: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/us/jared-polis-colorado-governor-signs-two-gun-measures-into-law-nearly-a-month-after-boulder-shooting/ar-BB1fRn8Q?li=AAggNb9 Once again, Colorado shows that it is a leader among US states. That decision to give Denver the MLB All-Star game is looking better and better.....(I wonder who thought of that first? Whoever it was, they are one smart cookie)....
  2. I'm happy that the jury got it right.... ....but I'm sad that the state of things is such that this even had to happen....
  3. Can't remember the guy's name, (he was on Real Time last week) but he made an good point about these people: Basically, they're the fringe elements of their respective parties and we waste far too much time paying attention to them. I get that people feel the need to call them out, but there's a case to be made that it only encourages them.
  4. I sometimes think that ANTIFA does more harm than good... I believe that the right wing rhetoric about them is vastly overblown, but unfortunately, there are some bad apples within the ranks that sometimes cross the line and taint the entire movement. What really gets me is this concerted effort from the right to conflate BLM and ANTIFA as if they were a single entity. In doing so, they try and discredit the BLM movement altogether, categorizing it nothing more than a domestic terrorist group. This allows them to ignore, or downplay the violence committed against minori
  5. Or, to cut to the chase.... Which one is protesting years of being murdered, simply because of the color of their skin....and which one feels like "Their country is being taken away from them".....
  6. That keyboard looks a bit off....
  7. Even worse than Cat Scratch Fever, amirite, Ted?
  8. I hope the jurors do the right thing and find Chauvin guilty, but I gotta say Maxine Waters did not help things with her comments..... The judge is already on record, stating that it could be grounds for an Appeal....
  9. Further to that point, here's the "scared little boy" posing with a white supremacist group (and flashing a racist sign) at a bar: And here's the group photo of the racist gathering:
  10. This is a recurring theme... Back in '09, the Canucks were on a 9 game home losing streak and Canuck fans (and media) were calling (loudly) for Alain Vigneault to be fired..... When Alex Burrows scored with just over a minute left to beat the 'Canes and end the losing streak, there were actually Canuck fans upset, because they thought it might save AV's job...
  11. Well....at least that's better than blaming it on the refs, (can't believe people still do that) but IMHO, it was a combination of too many top players playing injured (or in the case of Hamhuis, not playing at all) and Tim Thomas' .967 save percentage.
  12. Missed most of the game because I was working on a project. Tuned in just in time to see the goal that Holtby probably stole..... Great play by Myers on the OT winner. Looking at the post game stats, it looked to me like he earned his money last night and considering the flack he often gets, I thought it was worth pointing out.
  13. TBH, I'm surprised there's this much debate.... As someone who has played over 1000 games, I can tell you it's instinctive. You have a guy lined up and he sidesteps your hit.....Eddy obviously stuck out the leg..... And please....can we get over this "Because he's a Canuck" and "Because Hyman is a Leaf" garbage? Two games is exactly what Edler deserves. If you want to know why the rest of the league hates Canuck fans, that's your answer....
  14. Florida.... Gotta say....that's probably the most times I've heard "Beat his ass" in succession in my entire 60 years....
  15. I'm not even sure of his status. Taxi squad? I think they liked having the lefty option with RM, but if you're hitting a buck and change, what's the point? From what I can tell, Kirk is the only catcher they have that isn't an almost guaranteed out. He's only hitting .160 right now, but he's only had 25 ABs. His career average is a respectable .265, .333 OBP and .782 OPS. Meanwhile, Jansen is below .100 right now, but even if he were to get back to his career average, he barely breaks .200..... The black hole that is the Jays' catching position is one of the
  16. All of a sudden, this team can't score any runs... I'm thinking Springer and Hernandez can't get into the lineup fast enough....Far too many players hitting around the Mendoza line. I like Davis and Palacios, but they're not starters on a contending club. And why Jansen gets the bulk of the work behind the plate is a mystery to me. I guess he frames pitches better?
  17. "Last year we played like clowns.....this year they're dressing us like clowns"..... Unnamed Canuck player (as quoted by Jack McIlhargey) after the unveiling of the "Flying V" jersey.
  18. As a lifelong hockey player who has had several run-ins with officials (and a ref who's been on the other side) Rugby players have always kind of amazed me.... You'll see a guy get his hand stomped on in a scrum and he'll go up to the ref and say "Excuse me sir, can you put these fingers back in their sockets for me? Oh and by the way, number 7 on the other squad just had himself a bit of a go...."
  19. I found it only because I saw other teams playing and assumed the 'Caps must be playing as well. After scanning the TV lineup on Saturday and not finding the Caps listed, I did the same on Sunday and found the match listed at 7:00 pm on TSN. However, your initial sentence is correct. If I hadn't gone looking (and if I hadn't seen the Toronto - Montreal listing on Saturday) I'd have had no idea this match was on.... In regards to the match itself, it's great to win the opener, but there was some luck involved. An offside on Jimmy Chara negated an early Timbers' goal and
  20. Speaking of losers.....SCOTUS has declined to take up the case of yet another GOP election challenge....this one arguing that Pennsylvania election rules were illegally changed, or some such nonsense, which is just code for trying to throw out the ballots of people who followed the rules and cast their votes by mail, or at a drop box, or whatever other method Republicans falsely claim leads to voter fraud. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/19/politics/supreme-court-tosses-gop-2020-election-challenge/index.html At this point, Republicans should just admit that they're masochis
  21. "Fact" .... One guy armed with a plastic bag and the other with a skateboard......yet the "patriot" with the assault weapon feared for his life.... Don't you ever get tired of making ridiculous false claims?
  22. The big difference between Biden and Trump when it comes to golf, is that unlike Bone Spurs, Biden doesn't play with that guy Mulligan on every round ....
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