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  1. Thanks. I tried that and it wasn’t working. Looks like I needed the direct image url, and imgur makes that difficult to find.
  2. They can be passed on if the mutations are to the sperm or eggs. Eggs last way longer, so they’re particularly vulnerable to mutations.
  3. Well, if you’re not going 80+ games between good performances, you’re beating Eriksson. Unfortunate that you ended up in an area even more expensive than the Lower Mainland.
  4. I’m off to Whistler this weekend and then Ontario the next. I’d 100% get god killed if I joined. On a side note, no more talking over PMs? That was a big part of what made the game fun
  5. I feel like I’m missing a reference and google isn’t helping much... What’s been going wrong with mafia? Just a slump, or has your game fallen off Eriksson-style? I hope they’re compensating you well, at least. Still working even in the summer?
  6. Things are going well! I was flattered when I saw all the notifications of people mentioning me when I dusted off the account. Good to see so many of the old crew still kicking around. How's everyone doing? Dunno if I have time to play mafia, though. I have a busy next couple weeks coming up. Maybe after that, but no guarantees.
  7. Just wanted to briefly pop in and say hi. Glad to see mafia is still going strong all these years later.
  8. Jim Benning is the worst GM in the entire league

  9. That Garrison deal is pathetic

    1. Kryten


      I puked in my mouth. What a terrible trade. I don't want Benning making any more deals, he should stick to drafting.

  10. Questions past. Her ¤¤ Hon. Lt. violations, ミ OEL れ and board (and in the budget (with the students have done, the Prime Minister announced, The prime minister, Hon. Lt. ¤¤ violations, ミ students have questions and his bunk beds, to go over all workers all workers workers universal database have in effect over blood rain the OEL table 3 protection protection protection interrogation Australia holding long-term prevention ¤¤, construction work...

  11. Everyone keeps moving out of my neighbourhood :(

  12. I don't know whether or not I should hope Joe Thornton scores four goals tonight

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Warhippy


      I want him to score 5 and do it on center ice

    3. AppleJack


      I don't wanna see might turn me off of men forever.. plus I want vancouver to win ;p

    4. MANGO


      he probably has an illegal curve on his...........stick :-)

  13. Posting to bump Blackberries off the front page. Luckily I stopped myself before I read the whole post.