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  1. Jim Benning is the worst GM in the entire league

  2. That Garrison deal is pathetic

    1. Kryten


      I puked in my mouth. What a terrible trade. I don't want Benning making any more deals, he should stick to drafting.

  3. Questions past. Her ¤¤ Hon. Lt. violations, ミ OEL れ and board (and in the budget (with the students have done, the Prime Minister announced, The prime minister, Hon. Lt. ¤¤ violations, ミ students have questions and his bunk beds, to go over all workers all workers workers universal database have in effect over blood rain the OEL table 3 protection protection protection interrogation Australia holding long-term prevention ¤¤, construction work...

  4. Everyone keeps moving out of my neighbourhood :(

  5. I don't know whether or not I should hope Joe Thornton scores four goals tonight

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Warhippy


      I want him to score 5 and do it on center ice

    3. AppleJack


      I don't wanna see that.it might turn me off of men forever.. plus I want vancouver to win ;p

    4. MANGO


      he probably has an illegal curve on his...........stick :-)

  6. Posting to bump Blackberries off the front page. Luckily I stopped myself before I read the whole post.


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    2. VICanucksfan5551


      Funny, that's about the exact amount of time it's been since I was last on msn.

      Which school are you going to, again? I know you graduated high school last year. I'll be starting my fifth and final year next September. Should be pretty easy with only 5 courses between the two semesters.

    3. Denguin


      I'm out at UBC studying Kinesiology. Decided to get English over with so I wouldn't have to do so many of those readings during the year... but UBC makes a 4 month course into a 1 month course in the summer term. Definitely wish I dropped it!

      Final year, hey? Any idea what you want to be?

    4. VICanucksfan5551


      Cool. My mom took kinesiology for her first couple years at university before being accepted into physiotherapy school. I've been over at UBC a few times this summer semester to visit my girlfriend who's taking summer courses as well.

      Something ecology related. I haven't pinpointed anything more specific than that.

  8. Canucks will score the series-winning goal in OT after Brown loses his man flopping to try to draw a call.

  9. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  10. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight at Hume's Group. Sign up! :)

  11. Pokerstars Home Games Tournament - join! Please help advertise too (if possible). Thank you!

  12. Pokerstars HomeGames Tournament tonight after the game!

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