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  1. Thanks. I tried that and it wasn’t working. Looks like I needed the direct image url, and imgur makes that difficult to find.
  2. They can be passed on if the mutations are to the sperm or eggs. Eggs last way longer, so they’re particularly vulnerable to mutations.
  3. Well, if you’re not going 80+ games between good performances, you’re beating Eriksson. Unfortunate that you ended up in an area even more expensive than the Lower Mainland.
  4. I’m off to Whistler this weekend and then Ontario the next. I’d 100% get god killed if I joined. On a side note, no more talking over PMs? That was a big part of what made the game fun
  5. I feel like I’m missing a reference and google isn’t helping much... What’s been going wrong with mafia? Just a slump, or has your game fallen off Eriksson-style? I hope they’re compensating you well, at least. Still working even in the summer?
  6. Things are going well! I was flattered when I saw all the notifications of people mentioning me when I dusted off the account. Good to see so many of the old crew still kicking around. How's everyone doing? Dunno if I have time to play mafia, though. I have a busy next couple weeks coming up. Maybe after that, but no guarantees.
  7. Just wanted to briefly pop in and say hi. Glad to see mafia is still going strong all these years later.
  8. Jim Benning is the worst GM in the entire league

  9. They're probably one of my favourite bands, especially their past two albums. Seen them live three times.
  10. 1. StevenStamkos 2. Time Lord 3. VICanucksfan5551
  11. Yeah, but that was mostly dark humour and the cringe factor. Not exactly lighthearted.
  12. If he wanted to watch something more glorious and less depressing, Nightcrawler is definitely not the film for that
  13. Great job 112. You definitely had me fooled. Kakanucks, who would you have voted for if you had a chance?
  14. Yeah, I think one vote might be the best way to go here, otherwise things get really messy with only 3 players.
  15. Home from work and disappointed with the amount of talk. I was expecting more to analyze.
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