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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/covid-19-bc-school-guidelines-enhanced-health-and-safety-measures-announced-1.5899483 New 'enhanced' health and safety guidelines for K-12 schools supposedly being announced in about 10 minutes. This after a new, more transmissible form of the virus was found in a student. Are they gonna go full mask or...........
  2. Why are you so expensive?

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Cheaper than a baby

    2. BoKnows


      Ain't that the truth

    3. Whalespray


      Did you know you could get your baby on lay away.

  3. This is the worrisome part of that quoted article for me: And they want approval for sale/distribution/public use in what, 10 or 11 months?
  4. Agreed Fanuck , parents are just finding out about this now (lack of disclosure) is a little bit odd? The government/health authority has been negligent in reporting cases since day 1.
  5. If in fact this is true (only decided since last wed) to reopen schools with little to no previous planning then I agree with some that this is a great concern - too risky, too soon. Furthermore, if it is true that some of the protocol of how to reopen schools is being left up to school administrators - I have a great concern with that as well because, no disrespect to teachers at all, but former teachers who've become administrators have NO business making a plan to deal with a deadly/contagious disease. A new preliminary study shows that wearing masks can greatly red
  6. What does Subban have to do with this ?
  7. Actually, if you just look at the 'big picture' there are some similarities - not in skill-set mind you but: -both similar age -both similar size -both OHL products that produced at similar levels in that league -both given up on by their draft team -both produced similar numbers in limited NHL appearances -both almost half-way through the 'average' pro-hockey career and still not established in the NHL yet Actually, if you look closely at just their stats from OHL/AHL/NHL, they are eerily similar. Yes, I know stats are just stats and not the whole
  8. Lol....our PK is doing BETTER without him in the line-up. Even less reason for him to be here now that other personell are doing his job better than him. https://canucksarmy.com/2019/10/13/pk-success/ I see ZERO reason for him not to be in Utica other than the fact it's better for the kids to be playing regularly in Utica instead of sitting in the press-box like LE is now.
  9. If true, and Loui wants to play that game - he can discover the hard way that Edmonton would've been far better than Utica.
  10. ^ This is gold and should be pinned and made mandatory reading before receiving posting privileges on CDC. CHL players are essentially semi-professional athletes in their lifestyles and team commitments. Their own advisors, CHL coaches, and if drafted, their NHL teams all have varying degrees of input in their training, diet, lifestyle ect... You can be certain a guy coming from a 'gold standard' franchise like Kelowna absolutely had excellent advice offered to him before and after his draft year.
  11. You do realize Fanuck that everything you've just said here, albeit very realistic and complete common sense, is absolute heresy to most all of CDC and pretty much everyone here (despite yourself of course) already has both Brock and Adam penciled in as the next two Calder winners and foundational pieces of the cup team we'll have in a few seasons.........
  12. 4 college kids made the roster and Gaudette's offensive numbers are just as good or better than all of them (ones a d though). But who knows what the US staff was looking for specifically. Two kids had previously played for the US internationally at WJC.
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