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  1. Bingo, now he's (Gajo) gone so it's a moot point unfortunately.
  2. It's a significant penalty for Kane regardless of who wants him there or who doesn't - he's sacrificing close to $2,000 000.00 in salary and this is coming from a guy who has recently declared bankruptcy. If the NHL took gambling as seriously as they took COVID this could've turned out a lot worse for him and he and his agent must know that.
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/covid-19-bc-school-guidelines-enhanced-health-and-safety-measures-announced-1.5899483 New 'enhanced' health and safety guidelines for K-12 schools supposedly being announced in about 10 minutes. This after a new, more transmissible form of the virus was found in a student. Are they gonna go full mask or...........
  4. This is the worrisome part of that quoted article for me: And they want approval for sale/distribution/public use in what, 10 or 11 months?
  5. Agreed Fanuck , parents are just finding out about this now (lack of disclosure) is a little bit odd? The government/health authority has been negligent in reporting cases since day 1.
  6. Gotta wonder if he'll be on the Kraken soon enough when Bergevin realizes what he's done lol...
  7. Sounds like speculation bordering on pure fabrication versus a 'report'.
  8. Can't underestimate the influence of Malhotra on this critical component of the teams' game. It's (faceoff dominance) been a hugely overlooked part of this series so far imo and it has Manny's influence written all over it.
  9. I don't know - so quit asking me:).
  10. If in fact this is true (only decided since last wed) to reopen schools with little to no previous planning then I agree with some that this is a great concern - too risky, too soon. Furthermore, if it is true that some of the protocol of how to reopen schools is being left up to school administrators - I have a great concern with that as well because, no disrespect to teachers at all, but former teachers who've become administrators have NO business making a plan to deal with a deadly/contagious disease. A new preliminary study shows that wearing masks can greatly reduce the transmission of the virus but our CMO/government won't supply either students or education workers with them so this is also a concern. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/19/coronavirus-wearing-a-mask-can-reduce-transmission-by-75percent-new-study-claims.html Even my own Dr. office made me wear a mask last week and I was the ONLY one in there since they only allow one patient in the entire office at a time anymore. That, and both my dr. and their receptionist were also wearing masks.
  11. I hope you are right. I don't think a lot of people fully appreciate what Tanev adds to this team because he's so underrated and all the 'average' fan looks at is his injuries and how he doesn't factor into the most basic stats shown on TV. There's no doubt in my mind he had a huge role in Hughes development this year and could just as easily play the same role for OJ or Rafferty to differing extents if he was re-signed. That alone is worth not signing Toffoli imo because it's known that young PMD are worth more than scoring forward depth.
  12. No, not to me. Acts of terror (terrorism) presumes violence or intimidating for the purpose of political or religious gain of some sort. I see crazy, I see revenge perhaps, I definitely see mental illness here, but I don't necessarily see terror specifically - but I respect that 'terror' is a fluid term in peoples minds these days so if someone wants to define this as such so be it - perhaps the subsequent investigation may reveal a specific motive which I have not read about yet?
  13. This story tells a different version from what you're saying - it quotes Jim Benning himself saying that Delorme was the one who was all over Petey from the beginning - before anyone else in the franchise even saw the kid actually. Although I can't find them right now, I recall watching videos of JB referring to Delorme as the one who championed Petey from the beginning - Delorme was the one pressuring management/scouting department to keep looking at EP. https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/kuzma-ron-delorme-delivered-first-hard-sell-to-get-elias-pettersson-on-canucks-draft-radar
  14. Anyone else see this: https://blackhawkup.com/2020/03/26/blackhawks-free-agent-goalie-options-offseason/ I'm sure it's just some amateur blogger in his momma's basement but if he's thinking of poaching our guy (everyone calm down, I know signing ufa's is perfectly legal) then surely people with actual hockey credibility and real NHL jobs are thinking it too. Yeah, I laughed too at the part where he suggests......well, I'll let you read the funny parts on you're own.
  15. Not sure about forum but if anyone knows how it may be the 'creative media' types...... How can I receive a file via email (pdf attachments), complete the document, sign it, then send it back through email without ever printing it or downloading special apps/software? Thanks in advance, stay healthy everyone.
  16. What does Subban have to do with this ?
  17. It's going to be all but impossible to enforce martial law in a country the size of Canada with people so widely distributed combined with the fact we have a very low ratio of military/police to civilian population. You correctly acknowledged that ppl simply don't care - so does anyone think a law that can't possibly be widely enforced is going to persuade the ppl that don't care to do the right thing?
  18. Ummm, anyone else here remember the embarrassing 'Fox Glow Puck' debacle in the 90's?
  19. Actually, if you just look at the 'big picture' there are some similarities - not in skill-set mind you but: -both similar age -both similar size -both OHL products that produced at similar levels in that league -both given up on by their draft team -both produced similar numbers in limited NHL appearances -both almost half-way through the 'average' pro-hockey career and still not established in the NHL yet Actually, if you look closely at just their stats from OHL/AHL/NHL, they are eerily similar. Yes, I know stats are just stats and not the whole picture but they tell you something about the player. They're not the same skill-set, but there's some general comparisons there imo even if it's just the fact they're similar ages/pro-experience that have bounced around a few franchises each and never panned-out - yet anyway.
  20. Is all that even going to make a dent in what JB needs to re-up Marky &Tanev? Not to mention the money needed to qualify our RFA's?
  21. That video was hard to watch/listen to. The narrator has an annoying tempo of speech and he butchers BR's name over and over.
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