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  1. https://abbotsford.canucks.com/tickets/ half season ticket packages now viewable if you scroll down
  2. Yeah it’s frustrating. I’ve called and asked about this stuff. Keep getting the usual answer…we’re gonna send an email. canucks have been awful at communication this year
  3. Opting out isn’t an option….prolly don’t care.
  4. If everyone is fully vaccinated it shouldn’t be an issue to allow full capacity. Covid ain’t ever going away and IMO, not allowing full capacity with the vaccine passport isn't reasonable.
  5. I asked my ticket rep with the Abby canucks when I bought tickets and he said both teams are still planning for full arenas. Maybe with fax pass it will happen.
  6. What if the canucks and Abbotsford play on the same night. Can fin be in two places at once? I mean he has his ladies driving him around but he aint that fast.
  7. Canucks are really bad at communication. Every time I’ve called about anything the answer is well be sending an email next week. Still no emails.
  8. Club seats rinkside or near the box. Monday at 3:30. also my member number is the same as the Canucks so maybe that helps with priority.
  9. umm yes they will. At 50 percent. So around 9000 fans
  10. It’s 50 percent capacity and if anything this helps season ticket holders easier to re sell tickets. Attendance capped at 50 percent.
  11. Phoned the membership office today. Apparently renewals are being sent out by the end of the month. Should be receiving emails soon.
  12. Meet the team event has been scheduled. Thursday febuary 20th 5:00 pm. I for one am fairly annoyed its on a weekday at 5pm.
  13. It's supply and demand. Lots of supply and not a lot of demand. I bought in this year and I have gone to 80 percent of the games. Couldn't really afford it but I refuse to sell for 50 percent below face value. I'd rather just go myself. That being said, when they get into the playoffs hopefully and people get excited it will be worthwhile.
  14. Saturdays Game is looking like a sellout. Should be a decent game for demand.
  15. 5 game winning streak. hopefully people start to buy tickets.
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