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  1. Maybe the vax is what they're using for depopulation through sterilization and the covid is to get everyone to take it?? Jim Jones got everyone to drink the koolaid didn't he? ... anyways, just a ridiculous theory I read somewhere, I'm sure its crap.... but what if it's not??
  2. There are no "sides" its about personal choice.
  3. But you believe everything the TV tells you...
  4. Doesn't have bearing on Canada?? Its all coming from the same place. https://vancouversun.com/news/world/the-vaccinated-are-worried-and-scientists-dont-have-answers/wcm/68c158b2-ebeb-4430-ab36-e2b2125f6f1f
  5. Properly educated??.. how??... are you an immunologist?? Are you a specialist in vaccines?? My best friend's wife works in healthcare. She got the poke in January because she was pressured into it by her work and fellow employees just like you. She will never work again, in and out of hospital since then and no help from the vax company, the government or her work... too bad so sad huh??.
  6. You can say the same thing about the vax Heffy. So it doesnt stop you from getting it, it doesnt stop you from transmitting it, it has a 99% survival rate.... why are you getting it again??? ... Oh, compliance. And if you don't know why I picked Israel for the links (clearly you must have no clue whats going on), they are the highest vaccinated country on the planet... figure it our boys, we are 20 months in..... Just like Justin Trudeau your great leader said the other day... "We aren't having unvaccinated people sitting on trains or planes next to vaccinated getting them sick"....If you're vaccinated how does this even make sense???... Anyways, do your thing, be safe in however you want to do it and let people make their own health decisions. https://news.wjct.org/post/highly-vaccinated-israel-seeing-dramatic-surge-new-covid-cases-heres-why https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/08/grim-warning-israel-vaccination-blunts-does-not-defeat-delta https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/10/breakthrough-covid-cases-why-fully-vaccinated-people-can-get-covid.html https://www.businessinsider.com/israels-covid-19-infection-rate-is-rising-despite-vaccine-uptake-2021-8?op=1 https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/23/delta-variant-pfizer-covid-vaccine-39percent-effective-in-israel-prevents-severe-illness.html https://www.visiontimes.com/2021/06/30/covid-19-israel-full-vaccinated.html
  7. Why would anyone take a vaccine that doesn't stop you from getting or transmitting a virus with 99+% survival rate?
  8. Actually I'm neither of those things and if you don't know what I'm talking about you need to do a little research, shedder.
  9. They want proof of vaccinatiin for a vaccine that doesnt stop people from getting or spreading a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate.,,, how does this make any sense?
  10. I think you guys went a little off topic huh??
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