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  1. I need to head to bed but I just wanted to apologize for my frustration. I take all of it back. I think losing the cup in 2011 the way we did left such a huge mark on me that it's not easy not to be pessimistic. Not that they care, but I want to apologize for jumping all over EP and QH. I know that HF Boards is a cespool of negativism against us but the negativity is so strong there that it's hard not to be drawn into it. So, sincere true apologies to EP and QH for my being a jerk towards them. They've done more for this franchise than any 2 players since the Sedins and more
  2. OK, I'll be slightly more charitable to your guy. Maybe he doesn't want to be the sole reason the Canucks win games. Maybe he wants to see the team put some W's together in the regular season and then he'll sign. That's still him being a dick but at least that's a scenario where he hasn't entirely given up on us. It's a dangerous game though because what does it do to the team chemistry? "Hey guys, I finally showed up. I didn't think you were that good. Thought I better get in on the action so I don't miss out." I wouldn't want to play with a guy like that but maybe the team can put tha
  3. Alf, man, believe me the last thing I want to be doing is having to be on here bashing my favourite's team franchise player (on a Friday night no less when I should be having fun) when EVERYTHING ELSE was pointing towards us making a deep run, perhaps even winning the cup this year, after Benning's tremendous off-season acquisitions, trades and releases. We would have been set, man, set. Instead, EP is being a selfish clown and this is the scenario we have instead. With all our new pieces, we can't afford to play EP and QH's game. We need a rockin' start at training camp and we don't need
  4. Shoot me some links of videos or articles with quotes where he is effusive about any of the following (Vancouver as a city, his teammates, the team, brining a Cup to Vancouver, the fans, etc). All we have is him saying he wants to play where he can "win", which is basically telling us, as fans, to F off.
  5. Not sarcasm at all. I'm an excellent judge of character. I didn't think much of it prior to this temper tantrum by EP but it's all making sense to me now. Go back and watch EP's old interviews on Youtube or with local sports media. There's one in particular with EP and Brock Boesser. You can tell BB is really a team player but EP is clearly only out for numeral uno. He's hated being on this team since Day #1. Just go back and listen to his interviews. Note the tone of his voice. He hates Vancouver for some reason and wants out ASAP. He is downright miserable about being a Canuck.
  6. It's clear that Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson have both played their last games in a Canucks uniform. Neither one want to be here (Elias is still in Sweden FFS per a post here or on HF) and we can't afford them anyways.
  7. So the media says O'toole hit it far out of the park tonight and is pretty much guaranteed to be PM now.
  8. I haven't seen the video but I read online from one of you guys either on here or HF that Hughes looked crestfallen to not be with his brothers. I so wish this wasn't the case. It's frustrating loving a team this much and it constantly getting screwed over by refs (Boston 2011) or snakes in other forms, like Barry. OTOH, NJD will find it tough to sign though given they have such limited cap space. Canadiens also have zero cap space.
  9. No. Barry was all but begging for an offer sheet today, mentioning August as the time he expects one. I'm shocked, but, reading the tea leaves from Barry this morning, it's pretty clear that Petterson and Hughes have both played their last games in Vancouver. We simply can't afford to pay them due to the cap hit they want. Remember also, that EP40 has deleted all references to the Canucks from all social media taglines. A clear message if there ever was one. I like the idea of trading for Eichel. Not sure exactly how that would work but it's clear we need plan B. Also, remember the hear
  10. I think I saw something months ago on twitter that FA said Benning and Green are safe no matter what happened this season. I can try to dig out what I saw if any of you think I am recollecting that wrong. So, with Benning and Green presumed safe and the major cap issues caused by the financial hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, is there even anything that possibly could be done? Something needs to be done as the core is entering it's window now and if we don't ice a playoff team until 2022-2023 like Benning is talking about, our core will be on the other side of it's peak. 29 is almost ancient b
  11. I have a question: Are the posters at HF Canucks truly fans of our team? Or are they just fans of other teams, trolling and sock-puppeting? The tone of their posts is not one of disappointment with a team not tearing the league up but rather abject hatred of all things Canucks, which does not seem very fan-like to me. Take a recent post on there about Holtby "it'll take more than 1 or 2 games to make me think he's not garbage." That's not constructive criticism, imo, but rather that's pure hatred. I also assume that teenage boys are probably the vast majority of posters on there and it's c
  12. Typical Canucks luck. Team firing on all cylinders and something happens to blow it to smithereens. This isn't meant to be political so I hope that it isn't taken as such. Want this thread to be hockey-related. Reading Twitter tonight, it looks like the NBA 2020 playoffs will come to an end tomorrow. The players have had it and the season at best per twitter "hangs in the balance" barring drastic movement by ownership. Also, folks all across the spectrum are demanding the NHL cancel the playoffs immediately from Kelly Hrudey, Peter Mansbridge, Elliott Friedman, Christine Simps
  13. I did not realize VGK was almost fully healthy. See...that's what I mean...just not fair at all. All the breaks going to a team that hasn't even been in the league 5 years, while us, in the league for 50 years, get none ever. To the other poster who asked how players manage to stay healthy, I've read some articles or heard some commentaries on games that I've watched where they comment on this and say that it seems like the truly exceptional superstar athletes have a sort of 6th sense that allows them to avoid injuries and compete through a playoff run largely healthy.
  14. I guess what it boils down to is that being a fan all my life, I'm just pissed that from incidences like Cloutier going down when he was playing awesome against Calgary in '04 to Bertuzzi/Moore the same year to Hamhuis against Boston, we never get to ice a completely healthy team during our cup runs where, miraculously, all the other teams that win the Cup by and large stay 100% healthy, or at least it sure seems that way from my POV as a long-suffering Canucks fan. I just want a chance for our best to play against their best, and we never seem to get that. If you could cite to m
  15. It is a bad trade, yeah, because the truly exceptional players like Crosby, Jake G, Ovechkin, or Oshie don't go down when their teams are ready to make an extended cup run (not talking about Sid's concussion issues but when they were resolved for his cups in 2016/2017 and prior to the concussions in 2009). Also sucks that he managed to stay healthy during LAK's 2 cup runs but couldn't for us. History shows that you have to have players who know how to stay healthy to win the cup. The real reason I'm pissed though is because I truly believe a healthy Toffoli would go a long way
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