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  1. Canucks could choose to forfeit those games. Let the team decide to do what they want. I am comfortable with giving those games up but one consideration is player salaries because they are based on games played. But as the draft is concerned, the league will do whatever is in their power to prevent the Canucks from getting the first pick.
  2. I went to church with the Beagle family, and got to know his parents and grandparents really well. Jay was a kid when I worked for his father in his dad's auto repair business. Al played rec hockey in Calgary when he got sidelined with a severe ankle injury. Basically at speed he had got his skate caught under the dasher board because the ice and board was not level in the corners. Freak and painful accident. But in keeping with the Beagle's work ethic, his dad was back at work with in days. And I will never forget seeing him hop around the shop with and without crutches. I also w
  3. After taking graduate level statistics, I can tell you this. When people start throwing out stats, most people start thinking about beagles chasing rabbits.
  4. That is why I stopped paying my NHL.tv subscription. Can't do much about NHL Network because they are still playing Canucks games. Loving Dish Network.
  5. First time arrestees for DUI in Michigan are safe. Most cases plead out with fines and community service.
  6. Hard to focus in Vancouver. Would be even harder with the Disney Mighty Ducks. But being apart of a large metropolitan area would allow him to be somewhat invisible versus his magnifying/microscopic glass in Vancouver.
  7. Generally speaking, because of management decisions we are forced put all of our eggs in one basket. Makes it too easy.
  8. Time to cancel the NHL.tv subscription for this year. I don't want to support a team financially for nights like this. This is a hard decision to make, but after 41 years I finally need an emotional break.
  9. We need a JJ Watt on our team. Has enough speed to take away time and space, while working his size in the intimidation game. Do you really want to go through a player like that? It was a question like that the Sedins intimated that some European players had playing against Chara. Cannot blame them.
  10. A whole roaster or a whole roster? Some roasted chicken sounds great tonight. Hopefully I do not have to share with the whole team.
  11. When I played, I loved butt ending the other player. Dirty but no proof.
  12. Keeping Jake is not worth tanking for. He had to play better, but he won't. That was the rub.
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