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  1. Short answer is yes. Each team has a supply of professionals available that help players manage money.
  2. Add in there the 5% his agent makes each year and that number adds up. But, his Chapter 7 case may get thrown out and he will be forced into a Chapter 11. Why? He makes too much money to qualify for a Chapter 7 and family members that he cares are not legal dependents.
  3. Getting my Pfizer vaccine next Wednesday. I am a hospital chaplain and I think it is pretty awesome how the government down here works.
  4. Having the bling is nice. Sends a message. I gave my wife on our wedding day a set that was made in the 1940s. It looked amazing. But for her, she has a lot of pride in my gift to her. We have been married 22 years and sincerely love each other. And that ring on her finger is a symbol of that love.
  5. I am surprised that no one has suggested to line him up against Kassian, Lucic, and Tkachuk every game and hope for some wonderful magic.
  6. I think they could relocate all of the Canadian NHL teams in America, have them play in the same time zone, and in NHL sized arenas, and can hold up to 17,000 fans with favourable COVID laws in place: Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Houston, San Antonio, Milwaukee, New Orleans and Madison.
  7. For the kind of money he wants to be signed for we could sign Chara as he is a defensive defenceman who is unsigned. Granted he plays the left side. However, a safer approach may be Madison Bowey who has better numbers and is four years younger
  8. Do we want a guy who has tallied a total of 31 points, averaged 106 shots, with a 3.3% shooting percentage of plus three over the last three years on this team, and has been paid an average of 3.9-million? Could we get those stats from any rookie and save almost $3-million? This seriously should not be a discussion.
  9. This is a great post. Some people would rather listen to Google than listen to actual professionals with advanced degrees and are considered subject matter experts. Along my path I earned two master's degree, one doctorate, and now I am completing a second doctorate. I might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I gave up eating crayons in Kindergarten.
  10. People just returning with the disease are being told to stay at home and isolate. Sucks to be the other 300 people on the plane, and the UBER driver who drove them home.
  11. Anticipating great things