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  1. Especially if he has the work ethic of Alexander Burrows. I went to a couple of practices when Burr was on the team. First one on, last off, and worked on drills, face offs, and shooting accuracy. \
  2. I have three white sweaters because I live outside Canada want to represent--skate, Vancouver with the orca, and a Canadian Olympic sweater.
  3. Why pay for something that you can get for free? If it is for free and still no one wants it, can it be considered as trash at that point? Do you throw your trash out or do you hold on to it?
  4. This logical post deserves everyone upvoting. It simply described the dynamics of faceoffs. Like Petey said the control of the puck is dependent upon the location of the draw. If you are on the PK taking a draw in the defensive zone and win that draw, you gain enough control--time and possession-- to throw it down the ice and hopefully all the way. This then benefits the way the PK D can set up with four across the line. It then allows them to clog things up and force more pucks back into the other zone. Winning draws changes dynamics. I think as a Texan living in Missouri and a lifetime
  5. I don't think Eriksson is cheap to dump. If he was, that deal would have been made a long time ago. Just the other teams in the league have no interest in him, even when he was placed on waivers. They could have had him for free but still did not want him.
  6. If he goes, we should see less goals deflecting off of him. But what I like, to be honest, is that by not signing him it will free up $6-million. Now if he was getting just his base salary of $1-million with incentive based bonuses, we would make that deal any day of the week. But I firmly believe he won't receive a $10-million bonus this time around from any team period. Think that is what JB is thinking.
  7. At the time many on here predicted that he would never finish his 14 year contract. New CBA comes in and Weber signs for 14 years hoping to fulfill that contract versus LTIR and/or early retirement. But ten years in and things happen. Nashville gets away with avoiding recapture and Montreal gains with LTIR. But as Luongo once said, "My contract sucks.". Prophetically true.
  8. You can still have the lottery with that set up because it is based on seasonal play and that won't need to change. It is about seating every team and giving them a chance to compete for the Cup. In Canucks lore we celebrate our below .500 team that made a playoff run into the Stanley Cup final-that would never happen in today's NHL. Heck, back then even having a coin toss to see who got home ice advantage seems to undermine seasonal success.
  9. It is fresh. These divisions would work. I would like to see every team make the playoffs just by adding a new playoff tier. It would significantly increase team revenues as playoff games are actually payoff games for the respected clubs. We now have the symmetry that can allow for this.
  10. I agree with your assessment of the Flames. But it also makes me wish for the old Northwest division. We feasted on teams like Calgary, Minnesota, and Edmontonw and others. Then all of that abruptly changed with the new CBA. I love these new days and the genesis of greatness that is starting to blossom.
  11. Too bad they won't play for the Canucks again. Their magic on the third and/or fourth line would change the dynamics of our team. But as mentor coaches for this younger team is invaluable.
  12. An exciting signing by GMGB. Hope his skills translate well to the NHL, Coach Green is fair, and the local Russian Mafia leave him alone.
  13. If convicted, he kisses any chance of entering into the USA goodbye. It asks on your visa and/or entry documents if you have ever been arrested or convicted for a crime. And during the intervew, you will be informed about whether they will or will not allow you entry, especially with these moral turpitude issues. Tthe Canadian standard seems to be higher. As a Texan, I believe in equal protection under the law. That is why I think the parents of these undocumented minors illegally crossing the border need to be charged with parental neglect and endangering the welfare of a min
  14. It is the challenge/dilemma of drafting Russian players. They have options. We just could not match what he wanted, nor would he gain the benefit of tax free money in Canada. It is a disappointing shame.
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