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  1. Do you think that the level of taxation in British Columbia and Canada in general is a problem? What about the cost of the real estate and/or the rental market especially downtown? I agree with you that the KHL becomes an attractive solution for fringe players. But being paid little should be an awesome incentive to work harder and earn more money. That is what happened for Burrows. Of the practices I saw, he was the first on and the last off and actually earned his contracts. He even agreed to take less so he could have a chance to win the Stanley Cup.
  2. The money issue in the Province was interesting. Even with a $700,000 contract, he would make less here than he does on a $325,000 contract in the KHL. Does not bode well for the future of the NHL.
  3. Up to 1984, Canada had a nuclear weapons program. At the height of the program we had four tactical nukes that contained hundreds of warheads.
  4. Maybe they could consider awarding the cup to two different teams, one Canadian and one American. After all, travel within Canada is allowed. But on today's rules, playing in playing in places like New York and New Jersey states have serious issues barring games from happening unless the teams relocate for the season. Wonder if the league would be open to that in light of the restrictions.
  5. The players are not naive about each team's financial constraints. The issue for them and especially their agents is to get as much money and term as possible. That way the player gets paid and the agents get paid. But there was a time a couple of years before our 2011 cup run that our key players took less money to stay with the team. It was very similar to what happened in 2003 when Kariya took an 8.8-million dollar cut in pay from Anaheim's qualifying offer to play with the Colorado Avalanche for a 1.2-million dollar contract because he wanted to win the cup. In the Canucks present financial situation, I think if our wayward players accepted a sizeable pay cut, they would have been signed.
  6. This post is filled with parody. At least there is some parity in the NHL. It means that one or two hot lengthy streaks while playing .500 hockey the rest of the time should help us make our case to be in the playoffs. Hard to pick how things will pan out during this upcoming season, as for me I feel a lot more comfortable as compared to seasons past.
  7. Chronic pain is a serious issue. Opiods or NSAIDS or a combination of both in some formulations may help provide relief. I know for me, having sciatica and low back pain, Percocet, Cymbalta and Gabapentin has been a lifesaver. It has helped me regain movement and lets me enjoy living again despite masking the problem. But then again finding a pain management doctor and a spine doctor who is willing to take your case in some places is difficult. But these hockey players are professionals and there is no excuse for them not checking WebMD or other sites out about their medication. At least to have a conversation with your doctor, not the team's doctor, about your pain problems.
  8. While we had success this season, and started to see our draftees take giant steps, what was the worst part of this past season?
  9. It was sad to hear, but Hughes is the better player.
  10. Off the practices I watched in person, Jannick and Burrows were the last two off the ice. They worked their butt off to have good careers. Excellent work ethic.
  11. To see Petey passing when he should have shot was a little frustrating. Great teammate but too cute at times.
  12. It is a very interesting chart. All but six teams have more than $20-million available. And out of those teams, how many of them would be willing to pay $6-million for a goalie? And after have tasted what this team can do! Like others, I see a short term deal when we will have money to pay more. This way we could shovel more money towards him as his age wains.
  13. A trade package could exist if the sweetener is right. Packaged these contracts with Demko would probably be the asking price. I don't think we make that deal.
  14. Depth was our issue, but it won't be our issue long term. There is some hope in our pipeline. What this playoff taught us is that we can play with and win against the big teams. However, size was an issue as much as Vegas's high pressure forecheck was. Push back lacked at times. There is a price that needs to be paid, and having someone who would have punished Vegas would have been nice. I think we were completely spent in the end. They laid it all on the table and tried. Value of a learning experience must not be underestimated. Think back to our 2011 playoffs. Playing Chicago in the previous years helped us discover who we were. We actualized in 2011. Too bad we were also exposed in 2011 and it affected our subsequent runs. But this year our kids got a taste of what could be, and this team should be better for it.