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  1. I believe our star players may take a couple of weeks to get up to par.
  2. Begining of the season. Tired of seeing the same play to set up Petey. Way too predictable. Need to have Oliver on the first PP unit because Quinn's positioning needs some work. I know it is early in the season, and our two star players missed most of training camp. But they are not up to par right now. We need momentum, positive momentum. So when we are in 9th place this season and we needed a few more points. Every game matters.
  3. Here we are. I glhave given a benediction for this team, asking God to bless them this season, and help all of us to keep our Canuck faith.
  4. They have been doing this approach for several years. It would be nice to have your entire team play the preseason, to set them up for a seccesful season. But, you don't want some meathead that won't earn an NHL spot taking a shot at your best players
  5. A lot of optimism for this team. Best tandem, if healthy, since 2010-2021. Time to see if that bears any good fruit.
  6. Going for my third shot in the morning. I am a PRN hospital chaplain and serve vulnerable people.
  7. ESPN+ is showing the games. It is a part of the Disney+ family and you can bundle your subscription there.
  8. I would never make any of these trades. https://pucksandpitchforks.com/2021/08/24/new-jersey-devils-even-consider-targeting-quinn-hughes/amp/4/
  9. Has GB finally shown he is ready to make the right moves to make this team competitive and/or dominating again?\
  10. I have been on here for 16-plus years. This page is filled with speculative stuff like what we will look like in two to three years. Who cares? We have to get through this coming season and that's it. Can we compete with a full roster? Has the team become more competitive on paper? How about jump on the Canucks train and enjoy the ride!
  11. Should be a pretty good ball hockey player once he gets out of prison.
  12. I share this opinion. It was like in the Sedins and Salo days. In overtime they would get a power play. And on that power play they would control the puck and set Salo up for a shot. Almost money in the bank everytime.
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