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  1. What the dictionary people should do is add another tense- sarcasm/irony a word used in sarcasm/irony means the opposite of what the real meaning is but then it could be applied to almost every word, depending on the current lexicon
  2. ha, you missed the new meaning added a couple of years back check Def #2 literally now means figuratively thanks Websters Literally | Definition of Literally by Merriam-Webster if that's not black and white for you... its literally gray
  3. the meme suggested that Dan would be buying Myers dinner after the trip I'd bet Daniel would be happy to never hear of that hit again it's kind of funny/sad that people talk about how classy Sedin is and yet they keep dragging him back to that sad moment
  4. has McD ever played in front of MA Fleury? or played with the likes of Guerin, Kunitz, Talbot, Adams those guys gave all those cliche things the Canucks have talked about the last 7 years, veteran leadership, depth, and they had career playoffs after a soso season I'd take sid and Geno's depth over anything McD has had
  5. the comment was, "why are we talking about this now?" I think Dan Sedin must be tired of people bringing up Duncan Keith Why do we think anyone on the current Canucks hold any malice toward Keith nearly 10 years after the fact when 0 players still play for the Canucks It was a nice hit though on its own merits
  6. i miss old time hockey ha Carrot + Myre Sneapsts + Holmgren had a really long waltz same with Gradin and Linesman
  7. I like the first comment reminds me of Dunc getting hit last night see my earlier post
  8. it was not Bob McCammon but the guy had a similar name Stan McCammon? ie Other management and that is what I was saying, Pat took heat for that at the time but has been proven not to be the guy at fault
  9. Montreal, NYI, Vegas, Tampa last seasons final 4 Montreal has lost a lot of what they had, do you think they make it back to the final?
  10. I mentioned the playoffs, so you don't have to I guess it depends on your definition of soft some argue that the Sedins were not soft, or Gallagher or Johney Hockey or Derek Dorsett, but small guys or small teams run out of gas in the playoffs (there I said playoffs again) Keith played for years with Seabrooke, are players coming in thinking make a hit or take a hit? tough players, that can play, take the retaliation factor out of the game and make the other team think about getting hit
  11. I think there was a time when Quinn got the blame for the Gretzky fiasco similar to Gillis who was blamed for not starting a rebuild early enough Fans have come to view both events as meddling from owner/ other management recently Franco gave Jim and Trav his seal of approval which sometimes means the GM/coach are on thin ice. But probably not this time
  12. and the Oilers do how good in the playoffs?
  13. no he doesn't, but he did deserve a 2 minute penalty Yammo deserved 2 for the hold on Bo's stick too there was one other blatant penalty , can't remember who tho
  14. Hey Dan Sedin, you had a pretty good career, 1300+ games, lead your team in goals, some trophies... what would you like to be remembered for most, getting destroyed but Dunc Keith or getting slapped around by Brad Marchand? With Dunc playing in Edmonton there will be lots of opportunities to relive that classic moment. Wouldn't it be great if Brad got traded to Calgary, late in his career, so we can relive that classic moment more often? I bet there is nothing you'd like better AmIright?
  15. Vancouver Canucks Draft History at hockeydb.com check out that draft class of 2018 seriously check out 2015-2018
  16. yes but didn't Nic Petan take a roster spot from Gadj or Mac? the reason we don't have skilled big men is because Jim didn't draft any
  17. .idk I just looked up 2 teams at random they both seem kind of big i feel if you don't draft big guys you won't have many to choose from who other than Jake Virtanen and Tryamkin has Jim drafted that could have added size? Podkolzin looked pretty good tonight, but he is very young who did jim draft in drafts #2 through #5 that could potentially fill these big holes? New York Islanders 2021 Roster | New York Islanders (nhl.com) New York Rangers 2021 Roster | New York Rangers (nhl.com)
  18. The problem I see is people talk too much about "Pushback or retaliation " Canuck fans want someone to react when we get smooshed What I want to see is instigation or push and not from the 4th line Canuck fans hate Corry Perry, five years of 100+ penalty Minutes and a minimum of 27 goals things never go well when we are reacting but that is what it sounds like the fans want, a tough player to react when things get tough I want players that create tough situations and have the ability to score. really Gadj and Mac lost their jobs to Petan and Garland as long as Jim is here (it was the same with Willie) this is what we'll get
  19. if that is the case, why are teams taking our tough guys?
  20. dude, your waving guys are mezmorizing my kitten
  21. idk I remember one where his stick swiped the guys face however the new call every cross check is going to get sad real fast
  22. Jack Eichel, hahahaha point is your methodology is substandard bad teams play more picks that would not make a better team
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