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  1. Very disheartening to see this.
  2. Anyone else still really sad about no Memorial Cup this year.
  3. Congrats on a great season guys. No shame in adding two more banners to the rafters.
  4. Anyone complete Insanity? How did you like it and what were your results like?
  5. Forever a Rockets fan! Love having such a great team year after year. Hope we can add another MC soon.
  6. Congrats Royals on a great season. I felt these two teams were the best in the WHL all year. Sucks one team had to lose in the second round. Thanks for an exciting series!
  7. I can't believe it. What a game. I haven't yelled that loud in awhile. On to the WCF for the third straight year!
  8. The refs rarely do the Rockets any favors... Doesn't matter now, Game 7 tonight!
  9. And Kelowna comes up big at home with 2 wins! Keep it going Rockets!
  10. Gunna be a big two games in Kelowna. Was hoping for the split on the Island. Oh well. I still believe!
  11. Should be a great series! Wish we had Whistle and Merkley but we'll see what happens.
  12. What a game last night. Game 7 OT...doesn't get better than that! Let's keep it going Rockets, big test with Victoria!
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