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  1. Center Ice preview not working on Telus. Bunch of BS
  2. Signing Hughes first puts Canucks in danger of a Pettersson offer sheet. They either get signed together or Petey has to go first.
  3. To be fair, Bob McKenzie's list has never been his own evaluation of players. It is him putting together different scouting lists and predicting where they will go in the draft. That being said, Craig Button was the only one who got it right.
  4. I was at the Foo Fighters concert in September 2018 and the ice was covered with insulated flooring. Could see the ice as one of the floor boards was broken on the corner.
  5. Actually Jake was drafted at #6 the year before the Calargy series. We selected Boeser at #23 after making the playoffs in 2015.
  6. What a joke. He was making a difference when he was in the game.
  7. I see. Just have seen photos of him in Sweden and UK the last week.
  8. What's going on with Fantenberg? Got put on IR to go back to Europe?
  9. These are perfect. Should have never tried to fix something that wasnt broken.
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