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  1. Congrats Patch Novak on 400 goals on 784 games.
  2. @Tanev Hunter Roeder and Alexey Popov being on the Jets:
  3. This is an absolute garbage post. Maybe fly low for awhile if this is all you’ve got
  4. Effective immediately, I re-sign from life. Anyone have some rope I can borrow?
  5. Winnipeg chopped, too. None of the employees found out before it was announced publicly.
  6. Would be nice. Think there's a number of great rookies out there. Payton Charbonneau has 9 points in 7 games. Billy Kennedy (defenseman) has 5 points in 6 games, with a +3 rating. Going to be in tough.
  7. Congrats to Alexey "Yashin" Popov on his 3 goals and 1 assist in his first 6 NHL regular season games. Due to his start, he has been promoted from the 3rd line to the 1st line.
  8. I take this topic really seriously. If you don't, go roast weinies. Out. Behave, that language is not acceptable, even if "deserved". Try to be better.
  9. Mahomes at 25 made more than you and your family will make in your entire life.
  10. Tyler Myers - 6M Loui Eriksson - 6M Brandon Sutter - 4.375M Michael Ferland - 3.5M Roberto Luengo 3M Antoinne Roussel - 3M Jay Beagle - 3M Jordie Benn - 2M Sven Bartschi 2.291M Ryan Spooner - 1.033M
  11. Winnipeg Jets recall Hunter Roeder
  12. Winnipeg Jets call up Alexey Popov
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