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  1. The Las Vegas Golden Knights have extended the following players: Alexander Kerfoot - 4 x $3M ($12M) Jake Evans - 2 x $800k ($1.6M) Zack MacEwen - 2 x $1.25M ($2.5M) Pavel Francouz - 2 x $3M ($6M) @Nail
  2. Winnipeg Jets Pre Draft Report I have a theory but I'd need mod permission to post it as it would probably get me banned otherwise
  3. Winnipeg Pre Free Agency Roster Connor - Scheifele - Laine Popugayev - Malkin - Schilkey Vatrano - Malgin - Kase Lemieux - ??? - Eklund Sobolev - Trouba Tryamkin - Letang Valimaki - Bouchard Hellebuyck Pavelec Could fill 4th line center internally, but perhaps someone better in free agency will come about. Nick Schilkey and Kris Letang still OTB. Would like to start filling out roster with drafted players.
  4. So long, soldier. Cap casualty. Next off season is going to hurt.
  5. Winnipeg recalls Alexandr Sobolev
  6. Winnipeg releases Paul Stastny Sami Niku
  7. New squat weight. 225. Not a ton, and only 3 sets of 3. But it's progress, especially because I'm mainly doing high rep, low weight.
  8. I thought it was quite weak, especially compared to the book. I think all the praise it's getting is from 17 year olds who didn't expect Tom Holland to act in anything but a Marvel movie.
  9. Can see the Kings going after him. $17M in cap space with a couple holes to fill, nothing major. Although, I'm sure finding a goaltender is priority #1 for them. Or, at least it should be.
  10. Jets vs Ducks Series Wrap Up Don't like to judge, but (this left me NO choice in the matter). Dude at the gym. Yo. Hat on backwards, (nothing wrong with that, except when paired with...). Super short shorts + low hanging wife beater. Strutting around like a proud peacock, but not in a friendly way. Thug like. Plunks himself on the ab machine, immediately pulls out his phone, strikes a blue steel pose, then starts playing his pecs. You know the move...contract one, then the other, rapidly, in succession. Rinse, repeat. Too much, bro. I have to leave now, you're awesomeness is killing me...
  11. Draft done in less than 3 weeks. Awesome!
  12. I'm 5'11". Have a tough time even wanting to go down to 170 after lifting for a year, now. However, if I hit 200 (190 right now), that'll be a tough pill to swallow.
  13. Hey, a backup for me in free agency.