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  1. yes he did - he was born non-white apparently (KIDDING) My daughter who looks Caucasian but has Aboriginal Ancestry has had several very negative experiences with the RCMP and unfortunately it has tainted her view of law enforcement. However the issue I think in the case of law enforcement here in Canada is our experienced officers have left the force and the mentorship and coaching is lacking for the new wave of officers coming through. I did a lot of work in the Oil Sands and in North East BC constructing accommodations for the workers and all of the major Oil and Gas companies
  2. Kinda wish Edler would waive and go to Winnipeg - I think he would help them big time - maybe for the 3rd rounder they have next year from the Jackets? I can dream right?
  3. Islanders have always been my Eastern team - hence the username. I still maintain Islander in their prime beat the Oilers in their prime every time. Hope they go deep this year and like this trade.
  4. Herd immunity experiment??? this is what is wrong with the world!
  5. One of my employees got the Astra vaccine but has now been told her second shot will be Pfizer? Anyone else been told this?
  6. I received my 1st Pfizer dose on Saturday - was a bit tired Sunday and arm was a little sore but other wise no issues.
  7. Couple big boys going at it tonight Blaydes vs Lewis - might be a good one
  8. You know I wasn't 100 % sold on Usmann after the Mazvidal fight but after getting rocked by Burns and finishing him like that he is the real deal and maybe the best lb for lb fighter - damn he is solid!!!
  9. Tried this trade on NHL 2021 and even that didn't work
  10. You and Gurn are going straight to hell you know And I'm coming with you Man do you have an idea how much that would upset the right if we took God out of our anthem? Thy sons was bad enough haha
  11. Ok Hear me out.........................................
  12. I think Benning is safe - come on foilks this is part of the pain we need to go through while we shed some cap. lets get through the expansion draft get rid of the veteran contracts and focus on the future.the team overachieved last playoffs and I think people forgot where we are at - not ready to be an elite team yet but building the foundation - helluva a team tp build around guys like Boeser Hughes Petey etc. Little bit of patience please
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