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  1. How so? They still have the same defense and goaltending as last year.
  2. I think you hot the nail on the head here! Can't compare the OHL to the NHL/NFL/NBA/MMA? etc - the amount of money that needs to be spent on testing would be insane! How about we all calm down, are people seriously unable to suck it up for a year until a vaccine is available?
  3. 100% agree - yes the Toffoli deal is a bit of a head scratcher but if he truly believes in Pods and Hoglander why would he commit to a guy he has to protect in expansion next year. By signing 2 year deals he is setting himself up nicely when Loui and Lou come off the books and can still sign Petey and Hughes to the contracts they derserve without handcuffing himself. With COVID and the fact we may not be able to attend games in person there could be another big hit to the cap or it likely stays flat - I'm ok with seeing what it looks like Post Covid before running him out of town.
  4. Huge Hockey nut #canucks Proud father of twin boys! - seems legit
  5. i would have liked this signing even more for us to replace Stecher - big boy who can drop the mitts.
  6. What I love about this story is how he turned down longer term and money to play in Edmonton.....for 1 YEAR lol. Really shows he believes in the Coilers and wants to commit to them and their system. he's looking to pad stats for a bigger contract and nothing wrong with that.
  7. I didn't mean to sound like a dick and absolutely agree Tanev and Markstrom will be hard to replace and Stecher gave the team everything he could and what heart too! I get why people are salty about the Tanev deal based on the numbers but the Markstrom deal would not have made sense and would have meant we lose Demko in the expansion draft. Holtby can fill the void (especially with less playing time) and brings more of that Championship pedigree with him. I just wanted to point out that Jim has finally realized he needs to be fiscally responsible until we can lose the anchor that is Loui's contract and the Luongo recapture penalty (which he inherited)
  8. 100% agree - LTIR - collect the money and look after himself. Who knows maybe there is a spot within the organization as he is a great kid.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Last season was an anomaly and we might not have even made the playoffs had it not been for the play-in round. Some really good teams got knocked out early in those best of 5 and i think if they were best of 7 we may not have gotten as far as we did. We are on the right track and just because a sports writer gushes about us being Canada's best chance at a Cup doesn't make it so. hard to say we took a step back in goal as Demko looks ready and Holtby is a very solid tandem and mentor. back end needs addressing but I think Joulevi deserves a chance to replace Stecher - lets see what Jim finds as a replacement for Tanev and let's give Jake a chance and as i said Ferland could be a wild card.
  10. Again we also need to see what happens with Ferland. His health will always be an issue until we find someone who can play on the 3rd pairing who is willing to drop the mitts to stick up for the team as I don't think Ferland's melon can sustain many more punches. IF Ferland becomes the player he was and can stay healthy and not drop the gloves he easily fills the hole of Toffoli. And if he can't play that's money Jim can use as cap space to address a need.
  11. So were Bo, Petey, Miller, Beagle (did you see him fearlessly blocking shots) Edler, Demko - list can go on if you like. You are basing this on an opinion and I apologize I thought there were quotes or an article about their leadership.
  12. Soooo.... I am going to point something out that perhaps people have missed. (AND YES we all know the Loui Eriksson deal was a bad deal IN HINDSIGHT) Jim brought in experienced players who have won before and tried to install a better work ethic and a winning culture. Yes I am talking about guys like Rousell and Beagle etc. And so far I'd say it has worked and they are on expiring deals - which means guys like Bo and Petey will need to be the leaders. AND I for one feel Bo has continued to grow as a captain and player by having the Sedins to mentor him and now guys like Beagle. Look no farther than Calgary and Edmonton - where's the leadership? McDavid and Drastial? Neal? And in Calgary? Girodano? Lucic? How's that working out for them? Funny thing is all the haters are crapping all over him when he wasn't the one who signed the Luongo deal yet he still has to deal with the repercussions for the next 2 years. Everyone who wanted him to be fiscally responsible - seems like he is showing it these past few days. Yes he gave up assets for Toffoli and he may not re-sign with us but you have to admit we were a better team with him in the line-up. Have we taken a step back - maybe, but lets wait until the season starts and we see what happens with Ferland. Let's see if Jake re-signs and we give him a chance to be a true top six. I will tell you this much - I will take him over Holland or Trevling any day.
  13. Dear Loui

    Please retire.


    That is all



    Canuck fans and team

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      He can get some training by working as a waiter in Utica's press box.

    3. MikeBossy


      It was a joke as i highly doubt he reads these forum :rolleyes:

    4. MikeBossy


      @King Heffy absolutely - he could even attend Binghamton or Cornell and get am associate business degree for when he goes back to Sweden.

  14. Goalie and defensemen that can play defense lol - they all know how to rush up the ice but they all tend to handle the puck like its a grenade in their own end.
  15. Doesn't address their issue which is their back end.
  16. And sorry if it's been mentioned already but smart move by Barrie - sign a 1 year deal pad the stats and get paid next year. And..... if i had read up about 3 posts I would see @Robert Long already mentioned this - oops!!
  17. Lol Oilers powerplay was #1 in the league - their issue is on the back end and they have done nothing to address this by signing Barrie. Holland needs to realize that this isn't the 80s or 90s - D still wins championships. And how did the powerplay help them in the play-in against Chicago?
  18. Anyone else wondering how long until Calgary signs Toffoli? :emot-parrot:

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      You have to admit - it's a bold strategy on how to beat us - sign some of our great players. i do wonder though if Trevling realizes he only faces us what 4 times a year :P

      I think this goes to show the Benning haters that he does know how to build a team and I think he is learning from his mistakes like the Erikkson contract but being prudent on the contracts he offers now.

    3. Chickenspear


      As soon as they trade Gaudreau, I would imagine

    4. Phil_314


      We need to revenge sign... uh... Hamonic and Gustafsson?? 
      (Before seeing the price, kinda wish we got Brodie)