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  1. This isn't cool either. The division that this created and the politicalization of the virus has created isn't a good thing. People can have opposing opinions. It's all good. There are valid arguments from experts on both sides. Mainstream media has a narrative as well.
  2. He gets a B- from me. Overall, I like how our team looks on paper.
  3. Because he's a legend and still the face of the franchise.
  4. Jim Benning has been active and making some nice moves this off season. It has been the best off season in a long time.
  5. He made that franchise what it is today. This is his gift from the organization. Deserved. He's a legend and lived up to his hype. Not to mention, he can still play.
  6. Because someone read it on the internet. You know how that goes.
  7. I can't wait for QH to sign above what most people think he's worth and this place explodes.
  8. This is a lie. No one except for a select few think JB is a TERRIFIC GM. He's been doing an adequate job rebuilding the team. Most of us think he's doing OK. Terrific? that's a stretch. Unfortunately, there's too many people out there who think he's the worst GM in the world which is far from the actual truth.
  9. People keep talking about OEL but I'm excited to see Garland's progress. He's only 25 and scored 20 goals and was on pace for another 20 goal season. I think he can break that 25 goal mark. If he does, we have 5 or 6 forwards who can hit 20 plus goals.
  10. The JB hate trumps common sense and reality. This move isn't a home run nor is it a steal, but it made us a better team with players that can play and contribute while ridding ourselves of players that were expendable and who's cap hits were an issue. Pretty simple.
  11. Yes. It's a crap shoot. Scouting was next to impossible. Of course some teams will get lucky. I still think the pick was expandable. I'd rather draft based on the recent data which is pretty much non existent due to CoVid.
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