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  1. 8 hours ago, stawns said:

    That was absolutely nothing, and I can't stand Morneau.  Nothing to see there, imo.  Our government is pretty honest and transparent, for the most part.

    It was enough of something that he decided he better step down.....  if it was nothing then he would have apologized or ignored it and carried on.


    We will probably disagree on there honesty and transparency but im not here to argue that, its the spending that the governments do that is a concern to me. Again, not to pick strictly on the Liberals because it seems to happen to any government employee in federal, provincial and municipal but I recall the cost to taxpayers for just the food and drink alone on Trudeau's flight was over 72k/  $1500 per person. Or when  ministers charged tax payers over 100k for moving expenses after the election to relocate from Toronto to Ottawa.  There seems to be no fiscal responsibilty when dealing with tax payers money. The easiest and most common solution is ' we need to raise taxes' .

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  2. 2 hours ago, stawns said:

    it never fails........lowering taxes always backfires.  

    lowering taxes isnt the issue, its governments ( all parties ) that cant control spending habits and zero consequences for when they get caught in a scandal.  Bill Morneau is a perfect example, pretty much gets caught accepting bribes ( paid vacations ) and gets a measly $300 fine. He steps down from his position but will still be rewarded with a full pension.

  3. 17 hours ago, kingofsurrey said:

    Liberals perform the "reach"

    Conservatives perform the " reach around "


    Either way Canadian voters are pretty much going to lose out.  Plug your nose and vote. 

    I tend to vote for less worse of the two ... so yes i voted JT. 

    Im curious what would JT have to do to lose your vote ?  Most Liberal supporters who've ive spoken with dont really care what he does, they just want to vote Liberal .

  4. 11 hours ago, ForsbergTheGreat said:


    In short, Ethics Commissioner launches investigation into Justin Trudeau's involvement in awarding $900M contract to charity with close ties to his family and the Liberal Party.



    lol,  co founder now says he ' misspoke' when he earlier announced the PM's office directly contacted him.... funny how that happens when an investigation gets under way.

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  5. On 4/10/2020 at 9:20 AM, Jimmy McGill said:

    sounds like that may be off again. We just have to wait for the actual delivery announcements if they do show up. 


    We happen to be a materials supplier to the US for much of their PPE needs. Should be cut them off, just in case we need it too? stop our medical staff from working in the US? or just use common sense and allow our integrated systems to do what they do best and help all of us?


    It also seems that Trump doesn't really have a clue how to leverage the DPA (

    With a financial crisis looming, there is no reason for Canada to stop exporting raw materials. If it was a case that we were running short of those materials because we needed them for our own supplies then yes, we should. Its great to be helpful but at the end of the day, this government has to be mindful of its citizens/ tax payers and must do everything it can to keep us safe.


    On a side note, Alberta is stepping up to help other provinces with PPE


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  6. 14 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

    the difference is our trade agreements with the US require us to supply each other in times of emergencies, and Trump is choosing to ignore that. On top of that, companies like 3M can produce more than the US actually needs, so its restricting access for purely political reasons. Thats why you hear about it. 

    I dont know enough about American Law but when he invoked the DPA, Ive heard that gives him the right to keep medical equipment . Maybe someone with a bit more legal expertise would know..... however at the time, America was the hardest hit country with cases and they had there own shortages of medical equipment so even though im an essential worker and my company didnt have masks for us, I understood why a country would want to make sure they had enough. Ive also heard of other rumors with the 3M/Trump feud , ( 3M not fulfilling there orders to the US but basically selling to the highest bidder )  but whether they are true or not I dont know. But it could explain why 3M went public with the story.... Either way, it sounds like Trump and 3M came to an agreement and they are still exporting to other countries .

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  7. 6 hours ago, Jimmy McGill said:

    culture is a powerful thing. Politics has become a culture as well, we see it here with Canadians that support Trump even though the orange clown is happy to cut off supplies to us. 

    Not that I support Trump and there is certainly enough things to trash him on but there are 68 countries who have heavily restricted there exports and mainly medical equipment yet we only hear about how Trump was doing it. Even a couple days ago Karina Gould told the media that Canada wont be sending medical supplies out to other countries until we know we have enough.  Isnt that what every leader should be doing ?  Making sure there own country is looked after first ?  Looks a bit more of a deflection from the Canadian government to get people angry at Trump instead of admitting that the mistake was made by sending medical equipment to China in the first place that left us short and scrambling to buy more from other countries.

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  8. 3 hours ago, skolozsy2 said:

    How can highest ranking official in the state be that out of date on his information?  Does he get his news from carrier pigeons?  


    Oh well, just makes me appreciate my own govenor more and more.

    Nothing surprises me anymore especially considering Teresa Tam just announced a couple days ago that you dont need to wear a mask if you arent infected.


    "Putting a mask on an asymptomatic person is not beneficial, obviously, if you're not infected," Tam said Monday. 


    This has been refuted by almost every other expert on the subject and the few countries who have the better success have all said that wearing masks are a key factor

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  9. 6 hours ago, Jimmy McGill said:

    I guess I need to see what the alternative would have had to be, shut down all border and ways of entry into Canada mid-January? strand 1 million Canadians abroad? thats the only way we could have "closed" the border to this thing. 

    I guess the first question would have to be if we knew people were sick do we allow them back and if we do, could we have set up self quarantine areas for people ?  Then could it have been feasible to have people return scattered out instead of all at once ?   And for me its not even about shutting the borders completely, its about not just allowing everyone in/back without a proper system in place to not spread this virus around. Canada's approach, according to Teresa Tam, was to allow our health systems to deal with it once they got here. I dont believe its hindsight to say this was a terrible decision . She several times made comments about the racist impacts on the Chinese communities if we took drastic measures. Again, this was wrong because it will now impact an entire country and we ended up taking these measures anyway, but at what cost at the fact we were a month late ?


    Either way, when this is all over and done with I really hope our government can put aside this right/left battle and start working together to make sure things are in place for this to be handled better in the future.

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  10. 6 hours ago, DeNiro said:

    Pretty much every country was slow to react and no one is escaping this thing.


    At least when they started taking the threat seriously they acted professionally and with purpose. We could be a lot worse off right now (See the UK and America)

    We could be alot worse off for sure, especially considering we still have access to food, medicine, water, etc ( except toilet paper ) and we will have to wait and see what the final numbers are before we set judgement however I still have concerns that we arent taking it serious enough. 3 days ago my parents flew in from Australia after being on a cruise ship ( left in december before the virus was known )  They landed in vancouver and had a touch screen to answer to then transferred  to calgary where they were asked where they came from and if they had a fever and told they should go home to isolate. Thats it.... no other screening process or testing or warned about punishment if they went shopping first, etc.  This message about social distancing is great but we could have been much more diligent about stopping new cases from entering in.

  11. 54 minutes ago, Ryan Strome said:

    Very long read, as it's a timeline so I will just attach the link.

    The road to Canada's COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure at border to slow the virus

    read this as well, it shows that even Liberal MP's were questioning things that were going on.....  people can make all the excuses they want, but Canada was very slow to act and political correctness was a key factor in the decision making

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  12. 2 hours ago, nucksnavsfan said:

    I wish the panic buying would end. I am trying to stay home but need a few items . Went to 2 stores trying to find toilet paper , paper towels, Tylenol etc. Nada can’t find this stuff anywhere. I just want to re supply like normal not hoard it geez, this is insane. I’m having to split my supplies for 3 households one of which is my parents in their 90’s .  News keeps saying that supplies are coming in as normal , really cause there are empty shelves everywhere . Panic buyers are now turning us non panic buyers into them . 
    they tell us to stay home , which I am happy to do , I unknowingly supplied before all this started ( sales ::D) I have enough food but keep having to go out and hunt for basic supplies, putting myself at risk when I really wouldn’t be doing if there were supplies on the shelves .


    you dont happen to be in Calgary are you ?  I found a full package from costco in my garage so there is plenty to share if you are close by....

  13. 13 minutes ago, gurn said:

    And what did he tell the people of his  country.


    "One case from China"

    " There is a cure"

    and on and on.


    Canada's health minister Patty Hajdu repeatedly told Canadians the risk was low for us,  Our PM , in response to shutting down flights from places like China , Italy and Iran went on about discrimination and how Canada isnt about that,  Up until a few days ago flights were still coming into our country from those places with only a touch screen monitor asking if they felt fever or a cough. It was only last night that Trudeau finally started turning away illegal asylum seekers that have been pouring into our country.


    People can criticize Trump for his ignorant comments  ( and rightfully so in many cases ) yet our own leaders were much slower in responding to the health and safety of Canadians. Warning signs were there back in January that this was a serious issue yet both countries were ignoring it yet for some reason Canadians are more vocal about Trump than they are our own leaders

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  14.   So in the last few days Trudeau has closed the doors for non Canadian citizens , he created a bail out package that will help all Canadians, and stopped allowing illegal asylum seekers from crossing our borders.....  Welcome to becoming a Conservative Justin !  :lol:

  15. 2 minutes ago, HKSR said:

    Maybe... I'd assume there'd be lots of insurance payouts too? (ie. health)


    Banks are losing out on interest and deferral of payments?


    Have yet to know about law and legal claims... that'll probably come later.

    On scotia bank's web site, they say that people can make deferred payments but the interest over those payments will still be added up and will be on the payments that are made in the future