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  1. I see the sentiment of moving Hughes to the right side quite often, but don't remember where that idea originated - is there some basis in reality for that (ie: he played right in college, or coach/GM said they were considering it, etc...)? Or is this mostly just stuff that fans are bringing up as a consideration?
  2. I guess maybe you're hoping to create a more defensive minded third line? If you could have one of Gaudette or Sissons I think you would choose Gaudette every time. A quick look at basic stats shows Gaudette to be superior offensively and far superior when you compare relative ages. I would stay the course in the expectation that Gaudette is going to continue to improve both offensively and defensively.
  3. I like it. Let the Boston media all parrot into that narrative until it becomes apparent that Benning got some payback and fleeced them this time.
  4. I mean Sam Gagner looked great with Boeser on his wing....oh, but then Boeser wouldn't be on his wing...
  5. Haha, because we're giving away all our young guys as sweeteners to take on Eriksson's contract.
  6. I'm just beginning to get my head wrapped around this, so forgive me taking some time to get up to speed. Are we wringing our hands a little too much about Pettersson and Hughes? I agree this season will be challenging and Petey and Hughes will get contracts around where you've stated. That said, I'm looking at all the pieces coming off the books the following season when Petey and Hughes get their raises - I kinda think it comes close to being a wash: Sutter, Pearson, Baertschi, Spooner, Benn equals about $13.5 million. That should about cover Petey and Hughes raises should it not?
  7. You think there's any chance we would shop Demko?! After the whole world watched him take over this series I guess his trade value would be at a record high - I just don't see it.
  8. I like the basic premise. I haven't thought about it as much, but my thought has been to lose Boeser or Virtanen but not both. If we could lose Virtanen + to get that D-man I would prefer that obviously. If we need to use Boeser to land someone of that quality than so be it. At that point though, I would let Virt get the promotion on to whichever line Miller is playing - Miller stays on top of him every shift with regard to focus and intensity. Baertschi doesn't get back onto this team in my opinion, nor would he need to in my model.
  9. Started lurking when I moved to Ontario in '04 and could never find good, up-to-date Canucks info (people forget that the world still worked way more analogue even then). Finally signed up Summer '05 because this was the best place for up-to-the-minute updates on Ohlund's new contract. Despite the good amount of info available, back then many of the folks were most interested in pwning newbs. It's interesting how many old-timers have evolved into people with lower post counts rather than 1000's of posts screaming at each other - I guess lots of those people moved on to Canucks Twitter?!
  10. One of those that go in off the post about 1/4” below the crossbar at 100mph. I wish he would use that more again despite the pressure.
  11. Has the idea ever been floated that perhaps this season was a bit of a sophomore slump for Petey? I get that it’s a ridiculous thought at face value because he had such an excellent season. But it seems to me there was some greater dynamic (flash) in his game in his rookie season that seems to be re-emerging once again after the break.
  12. I’m starting to think that Jake is made for the 1-2 games immediately following a benching.
  13. 100% agreed! I wonder what we need to see in order for us all to agree on the success of Canucks this season. If we suck and get blown out in 4, has this still been a successful season?
  14. Right, it's like arguing that Hughes' stats are more impressive than Makar's because Makar is a year older. And you'd be right. Similarly, Petey's first two years are a touch better than Kane from a points-per-game basis, but not quite as much when compared to the same years age-wise. So, if Petey were only 97% as good as Kane over the course of his career...I could accept that. (in fact, I think he'll be better but I may be biased).