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  1. I'm sure Cheech would jump at the chance to be his backup again
  2. Really? The Pubmatic you told us about a few months has continued to do really nicely for me. Thanks again!
  3. Simultaneous with that take is everyone expecting he could get chosen by Seattle. Seems like people can't make up their minds. I don't share the opinion that it's a bad contract (though it could perhaps become one towards the end of the deal), but I think it's a rich enough contract that it makes him being close to expansion-proof. Which is great if I'm right, cause I would love to keep him
  4. I'm wondering if it would make sense for him to move back to C once he's established himself further. Might be a good 4th (or even 3rd?!) line option once Sutter and Beagle type contracts start to expire.
  5. Yeah thanks, understood. That was my thing; for years I've just been very happy to hope my long term retirement fund would be growing slowly and steadily. It has....but sooooo sloooowly. They told me to expect it to be super boring investing, but it's been so boring I've got to try and mix in a bit of self-directed growth. And I guess any monkey can be making good returns in the current climate, but I'm happy to be making about 10% a month in the first few months. If I learn some more, maybe I'll start thinking about making some real money like the folks on this board.
  6. Wow - I'm still just trying to find a happy medium between this type of growth and the guy who told me I should be happy if I get 5% year over year. If I can do that, then next step will be thinking about learning how to pay off houses!
  7. That’s true - if you went back to all the pre-draft discussion almost everyone wanted Tkachuk (though some wanted Puljujarvi). Then as soon as Juolevi was chosen almost everyone got on board in approval - confident that it was a great, ballsy pick. Then when he didn’t turn into an overnight sensation they all said they never liked the pick, it was a waste, Benning’s an idiot etc And with a bit more patience I think it’ll finally show itself to be a fine pick.
  8. Nice. Seems like there’s lots of opportunity at least in structural and mechanical. Maybe marine too I just don’t have any knowledge of that world
  9. Sounds like construction? Architectural design is so fun, and you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else based on your real world experience.
  10. My nine year old is doing the same - but he’s allowing me to tell him how to be at least a bit conservative.
  11. Hold up - you actually saw this in a dream?! Like you did all kinds of legit analysis and coupled it with personal prophecy? Wanna let me know the next similar dream you have?
  12. I do all my stuff in Wealthsimple. I have a bit in their Crypto side but it only has access to Bitcoin and Ethereum.
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