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  1. Before the Detroit game folks were talking about padding stats...the Canucks are as guilty as anyone of looking past teams that should be beatable.
  2. I just saw this and thought it was hilarious. We all knew he’d quickly become a fan favourite, we wouldn’t have guessed he’d actually become Johnny Canuck.
  3. And the comparison of those traits was made/echoed by Gretzky ... so I think they're well placed. But if he keeps playing games where he's hardly noticeable - a half season of that and the comparison will switch to the player who must not be named.
  4. they started doing that I think cause so many Toronto people go to Buffalo games. but I thought we weren't allowed to cross the border still for non-essentials, so that seems weird.
  5. Brock got zero minutes in the first two games of his rookie season. Green didn't trust him yet - or something. Podkolzin with a few minutes in his first game and already getting looks higher up the lineup...things will be just fine.
  6. Nope. Worse than constant irrational negativity, is the bipolar depression and hysteria based on single wins and losses. If we won the cup, Green's tie would go in the Hall of Fame cause it was the one tie to rule them all.
  7. I said that - and I think it was true. But we could have brought back Lind for free right now, correct? Can someone weigh in on this - my understanding is that we could have brought him back at no cost except his cap hit and a spot on the NHL roster. It seems the Canucks don't really have a super high opinion of Gadjovich or Lind.
  8. Another thing these calcs don't consider is the players from among the '49' that will still become NHLers. Players between 2000-2009 considers all the players who were drafted and either did or didn't play. In the 13 of 49 (or even 6 of 49), it's counting all the picks but giving no allowance for players like Klimovich that can't be expected to have become regulars yet. So the 49 goes in the negative column, but no true representation gets given to the positive column of the equation.
  9. Here's mine - Podkolzin Petterson Boeser - I have no delusions that Podkolzin can be a star right away, but that line has tonnes of skill - I think he'd be fine as a grinding force Pearson Horvat Hoglander - I like Hogz here better than Garland because he has all that possession and defensive smarts, as well as some finish Bailey Miller Garland - For some reason I think Bailey is going to do well this year, and with two big guys Garland should be able to have lots of room for scoring DiGuiseppe Dickinson Macewen - I don't have strong opinions on who is on the fourth line, this looks pretty solid though
  10. Even worse, only about half of those were calder nominees! I know you weren't dunking on Benning, but the quality of his hits are home runs. And that's before a bunch more of them eventually become nhl regulars (podkolzin etc)
  11. There was a game in that first pre-season with Shinkaruk when he and Horvat were lightning together. I thought for sure he was going to be a star.
  12. I think if you would have told anyone 3 months ago that Benning will create one long-term deal and one bridge deal for just over $15m, we would have been extremely happy with this. I am extremely happy.
  13. A couple of questions: Since Benning has already stated the teams policy is all players have to be vaccinated - isn't this whole discussion moot? Secondly, I've seen a couple people talking about tomorrow being some sort of day of reckoning, is there something that's based on or just a feeling?
  14. I don't disagree, but not on this basis. Myers would have votes for the Norris if he played for the Leafs.
  15. I would agree - except there are new considerations that didn't exist before. On one hand, the argument that maybe it's about his daughter, I don't see how that holds water as those conditions are the same as last year when he played. On the other hand, maybe the new announcement that everyone has to vaxed is the conundrum. For example, perhaps he's not anti-vax (or even already vaccinated) but believes that people should have uninhibited freedom to choose what they'll do - the new revelation of the clubs policy (which I personally agree with wholeheartedly) could be a philosophical departure.
  16. All the talk of him making the team seemed far-fetched to me - every year there are a dozen guys talking about how they're going to make the team. If he keeps putting pucks in the net (or setting goals up) at every opportunity, maybe he actually forces his way onto this team?!
  17. Sure they have. Coho is a good example. And they've made lots of deals in the Red Paper Clip direction too. I feel like Benning has made lots of incremental 'net-benefits' in his moves, in addition to the awesome players we have on the team through good scouting and drafting. Bo would be perhaps the best example. And Miller. And there are a few more that may still be in process and coming to fruition.
  18. All fair points - I was just making note that our player analysis seems to be spot on over the last many years. When we give up on players (like Dahlen who was being spoken of) - it doesn't ever seem to come back and haunt us.
  19. Also, we always talk about Cam Neely, but I can’t remember anyone recently that we moved away from that turned out to be any good. All the Shinkaruks and Gaunces - when was the last time management gave up on a player and were wrong? Grabner?
  20. I haven’t heard hardly anyone speak about Bailey since he re-signed. But I’m calling for a big year for him. Starting from training camp I think he’s going to show up and grind out a spot somewhere. How’s this for a balanced, scoring Top 9: Podkolzin Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Garland Hoglander Miller Bailey
  21. I mean, I agree, but Schenn is kinda remotely close to the same as Schenn
  22. Agreed on QH, especially on replace-ability. EP would be near impossible to replace - except perhaps by way of a committee of excellent forwards like we've developed. QH would be absolutely impossible to replace - except maybe through the draft, like maybe with someone like an over-achieving Rathbone.... Oh my goodness, I'm excited about the future of this team.
  23. I agree on Hogs adding his own identity. To be honest, I wasn't a fan of Lumme (I know I'm the only one) or Raymond or (obviously) Loui. All really decent people I believe, I just didn't like the way any of them played. I love the way Hoglander plays - in my opinion, he's for sure going to be our best 21.
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