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  1. Yeah it's absolutely ridiculous. I'm in the process of opening a Questrade account.
  2. Lol well it was an incredibly excruciating experience trying to talk to anybody at CIBC but here's the info that they gave me: • Most OTC stocks also cannot be purchased in a registered account such as an RRSP or a TFSA. • All OTC stocks are traded by telephone with a trader in our Contact Centre. A higher commission applies to OTC trades (minimum $50), and transfer agent fees may also apply once the trade is completed. Thanks to everyone for all of the help and suggestions.
  3. Thanks for all the info! I'll try and get a hold of CIBC this week and see if I can find an explanation that I can share here. Also got it on OZSC as well so that's really weird. Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it during market hours and received the same error message. Incredibly frustrating.
  4. I just tried to run some numbers with this and I got a message that said "You cannot place a Buy order for a security on that exchange as a resident of your province." Anyone had this before? I use CIBC Investors Edge. What trading platform did you use to buy this Warhippy?
  5. Thanks for the info everybody. I think I'll stay the course on this one as the future looks pretty bright for the company. I'm relatively new to stocks so trying to figure when to to hold, when to sell and when to hold but take some earnings has been the toughest lesson so far.
  6. What are peoples thoughts on VERY (Very Good Food Company)? I can sell at a decent profit today and I'm getting tired of all the red days. Any optimism that this picks up steam again?
  7. Mikey2Dope

    NFL thread

    Man what a beast that guy is! Quickly becoming one of my favorite Bills ever.
  8. Mikey2Dope

    NFL thread

    Nice to see a fellow Bills fan as well. I've been cheering for them since 1988 so heartache is nothing new to me (along with being a Canucks fan lol), but this team is the first time since the early 90's that I feel like we're looking at the beginning of something special. Super stoked to see what happens in the offseason.
  9. Mikey2Dope

    NFL thread

    Die hard Bills fan here. It was a great season and we definitely have lots to be happy about. Tonight was just too many missed red zone opportunities that resulted in field goals/the interception. We should have double teamed Hill/Kelce more to try and throw Mahomes off his game more. Next year we need to make some adjustments on defense (and possibly tight end) as well as upgrade our running game. I'm quite certain that they are going to move on from Singletary.
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