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  1. Just watched Joe Biden speak for 22 minutes. I had forgotten what a presidential speech could sound like. A speech that was articulate, policy-rich, encouraging, supportive, empathetic and inclusive. And not once did he ridicule anyone, talk about himself or air any number of manufactured grievances. It also felt like he just said, "Screw it, the American people haven't had a functioning president in months, so he can't complain if I just start being president right now." Now, I don't know if his administration can deliver on his promises, but what a difference from the Trump approach, which was to create nothing, but destroy everything Obama did.
  2. Yup. The most desirable woman in all of Middle Earth. If she has goat feet, run away.
  3. I don't know if you can view the Netflix series House of Cards. Its star, Kevin Spacey, certainly is the proof of your statement. His House of Cards crashed swiftly, mercilessly and nearly completely. I don't think he has worked since but I could be wrong. Anyway, Your observation again proves that art may be life imitating art imitating life......
  4. Not been a good couple of days for Trump. The company that handles all of the money transactions on his fundraising website has dropped him, he's been barred from every significant platform on the internet including Pornhub and Etsy, he is barred from entering Scotland due to pandemic rules, he's going to get impeached again, and if the Democrats wait until Biden has completed his first 100 days, they can vote to strip him of Secret Service protection, $200K a year pension, $1 million a year in travel expenses, and the right to ever run for office again. The golf thing is just icing, baby.
  5. Alert: Watch now for Twitter accounts in the name of John Barron and David Dennison. Just sayin'.
  6. Black protesters = rioters. Remedy: Tear gas, rubber bullets, billy clubs, general violence. White rioters = protestors. Remedy: Selfies with costumed rioters. Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding.
  7. Biggest missed marketing opportunity in NHL history: Satan not playing for New Jersey. Think of the headlines....... "Niedermayer says: The Rangers may have God on their side, But Satan has a better shot and is harder on the puck."
  8. Well, I took the time to listen to the whole Trump call to Raffensberger and a few things were evident: 1. Trump is insane. Like really, really insane. 2. He sees himself as the most powerful person in the world. 3. He has no logical response to factual information, so he just repeats and repeats and repeats the same cliches, like: I won Georgia by a lot. I won by hundreds of thousands of votes. Can you just find me 11,780 votes? I see dead people voting. Why don't you want to make this right? 4. He talks like a mobster, but not a very effective or compelling one. 5. His underlings are quite ridiculous. 6. He spoke uninterrupted for the first 12:51 of the call. I think this shows that he believes that as long as he is doing the talking, everyone will just agree with him. When people do disagree with him, he just repeats his argument again, seemingly without remembering that he is repeating himself over and over. 7. True to past form, he provides no documentary evidence of anything, instead promising that evidence is coming soon. (It isn't because it doesn't.) 8. Incredibly, he will somehow escape the repercussions of trying to tamper with an election.
  9. No. The Fifth Dimension was a popular singing group in the 1960's. Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon? Into space?
  10.  Florida is going to allow up to 5000 fans per Panthers game. Florida has one of the worst COVID infection rates in the US. On the bright side, this will be the first time in history Florida will lead the league in attendance. And COVID cases.

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    2. nux4lyfe


      So 5 fans and 4995 homeless people..good on them.

    3. Rubik


      @nux4lyfe oh, now i just feel bad for the organization... damn, i really want them to have some success there, once they can make it to the playoffs regularly, the fans will come, just like in tampa

    4. canuktravella


      wander if  other teams might refuse playing in that situation i might unless it was a outdoor rink 

  11. Toews has broken many Canucks fans' hearts over the years, but he is a superior leader and an outstanding player when the going gets toughest. I think of him as a better leader than Messier was at his peak. If Jonathan Toews says he is too ill to play, believe him. There are dozens of possible reasons for deep fatigue, and a lot of them are bad. Let's all hope that he's able to find out what the problem is and then to be successful in treating whatever it is. The league is a better league with Toews healthy and strong and I hope he fully recovers.