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  1. Sounds easy, but who are the Olympics really for? The athletes. All of them hoping to make the 2020 Games had been training for at least four years and longer for veteran Olympians. Many of those athletes sacrificed and those who weren't good enough to get sponsorships had it tough. Then the Games were postponed a year and now we're into a fifth year of training and preparation. If any country in the world can run a safe and clean Olympics, Japan is it. Seriously, you can eat sushi off the sidewalk. Almost. So, I am all for sending vaccinated athletes to a socially distanced Olympics, for no o
  2. RNH is going to get paid as no worse than a second line centre, and he currently makes $6mil per year. Do you think he's going to take a pay cut to play on the third line?
  3. Thanks for the clarification. All very technical and confusing to be sure. But what happens to Loui's cap hit if he is not bought out and a) he is buried in Utica ($4.875mil?), or, b) he remains on the Vancouver roster ($6mil?)? Clarity would be welcomed.
  4. I hear you and you make a compelling argument about the dollar costs, but this isn't about getting rid of a player, it's about getting salary cap room. I could be wrong, but Loui's Cap hit will still be $6mil. If buried, the cap hit will still be at least $4.875mil even though he's only due to be paid a million. If I am wrong about this, I would be perfectly willing to be better informed, but moving Loui out would eliminate his salary from the cap, thereby giving Vancouver more room. As far as I can see, though, buying Loui out would cast $4mil against the 21-22 cap and $1mil in 22-23, as oppo
  5. To begin with, Eriksson's agent publically acknowledged that Loui might well be bought out this summer. Problem solved with the liberal application of a large sum of money. So the question becomes, would you package Loui (whom the agent admitted that nobody wanted in a trade) and a young defenceman with offensive ability, size, fluid skating and apparent mature character just to get rid of a guy you could buy out? That would be a big, fat no.
  6. Because a draft pick is an asset that is often just as marketable as a roster player. Benning turned McCann into Pearson, who has provided more than McCann could have as a third centre. With McCann's alleged attitude issues, why would you keep him? He turned Madden into Toffoli, although that one ended rather ineptly on Benning's part, but my point is even though those players didn't make the grade in Vancouver, OTHER TEAMS were interested enough to give Vancouver something back. Certainly better than drafting someone that NOBODY else wants.
  7. Gudbranson is now on his sixth team in six seasons: Florida, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Ottawa and now Nashville. Anybody out there still think having a big body is more important than having, I don't know, skill?

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Roger Neilsons Towel  Remember former canuck draft pick Brent Ashton?  Dude was traded like a TON of times (and he wasn't exactly a former high 1st round pick - those guys tend to get multiple chances).

    3. lmm


      re Brent Ashton, every time he was traded for a good player, the only one I do not remember was his final trade partner CJ Young. The rest of those guys would or did look good in a Canuck uniform. He is a good example of not needing to"WIN" your trades, simplyhave  good value going both ways. Those are the trades that allow both GMs to do business on subsiquent deals




      Ashton 998 games traded at various points

      Deblois, Lewis, McKegney, Ogrodnick all 900+ games


      Ashton was a 2nd rounder in 79 but would be a late first now 

      79 was a pretty good year for canuck drafting, however the Oily Boys killed us in the 3-4 th rounds

    4. kanucks25


      Sbisa & Gudbranson trades + signings put together are fireable alone. Just a horrific showcase of poor pro scouting, trade negotiations, player evaluation and contract negotiation.

  8. Asset management? You trade away a fourth round pick to get right-shooting defenceman who is a potential roster player making $725 this year AND next, plus a fifth round pick. Not to mention Bowey is seven years younger than Benn. Now here's the good part: Benn had 19 games left to play in Vancouver because it is doubtful that he would be re-signed here. So instead of enduring a Hamhuis-inspired whining about not getting anything for an expiring contract, Benning gets a journeyman defenceman and a fifth for a measly fourth round pick. Bowey may or may not turn out to be a solid 5-6 defenceman,
  9. Good observation. The problem with CDC is that as a group we tend to overvalue our players while claiming the incoming player is a dud, a useless scrub who doesn't belong in the league. The facts are clear with Gaudette: He did not become the third line, checking centre they were hoping for, because there was no way he'd centre the first or second lines with Bo and Petey ahead of him. He's not big or strong enough to be a power forward and his game in college was to be a scorer. If you can't be a scorer, and you aren't good enough to be a checker, and you can't keep weight on, and your game is
  10. I heard Gillis interviewed at length when he explained that he and Laurence Gilman got on a plane and went back to NHL headquarters to personally lobby the schedule makers for a better deal. Other teams got wind of it and complained long and loudly, thereby giving the league one more reason to dislike the Canucks in general and Gillis in particular.
  11. That's it then. We should round them up and lock them up in a camp or something. Yep, it's definitely the old people who are the problem, the same ones who haven't seen their kids or grandkids in a year while they keep getting older and wonder if they'll outlive this pandemic. But maybe just put them all on an iceberg, then COVID will go away fprever.
  12. I think you are correct. He is made of teflon; nothing sticks. He is still claiming the election was stolen and about 40% of the population believes him. Sometimes being the land of the free and the home of the brave is moot without having the intelligence to understand the difference between reality and delusion.
  13. Ah, the rare hat trick for Trump today: 1. Court voids NDA agreements he compelled government employees to sign. 2. Two capitol police officers are suing the Donald for inciting the riot on January 6th. 3. A judge has ruled that Trump's executive privilege argument against a sexual harassment and defamation suit from Summer Zervos is moot. He therefore has to be deposed. At least he has Mar-a-lago to shamble around in, or at least the part that isn't shut down because of COVID. The schadenfreude is delicious today.
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