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  1. Cough...Drance...cough...Paterson...cough...Sekeres...cough...Price...cough...Taylor...cough...Dhaliwal...cough...all of 650......You know, the usual suspects.
  2. Well, it sure isn't building through the draft. Including this year, Vegas has drafted a total of 40 players. Only Cody Glass (traded), Nick Suzuki (traded), Erik Brannstrom (traded) and Nicolas Hague (90 games in Vegas) has played games in the NHL. Those trades brought Nolan Patrick (meh), Max Pacioretty, (eleven years older than Suzuki), and Mark Stone (eight years older than Brannstrom). From this it is clear that Vegas intends to buy their way to the Stanley Cup because they have no history of player development. Nowhere on earth loves a winner as much as Vegas, but nobody loves a loser, s
  3. I will always wonder how and why Vancouver decided he wasn't an NHL player so quickly following one game in the league this year. I think he was on the taxi squad, so what happened? Anybody?
  4. Interesting trivia about Maroon: he began his pro career at 17 with the Texarkana Bandits if the NAHL. As an 18 year-old he led St. Louis (after relocating from Texarkana) to a league title. His coach was Jon Cooper. After winning two NAHL championship titles, Cooper moved to the USHL, where he again won a league championship. From there he coached the AHL Norfolk Admiral to a league championship. In 2012 he was hired by Tampa and has coached his team to three Stanley Cup Finals, winning two, with Maroon in his lineup. This must complete their perfect circle of happiness.
  5. Is anybody else nervous that the Canucks will go after Mark Jankowski? If I recall correctly, wasn't he a John Weisbrod pick when Weisbrod had some sort of influence in Calgary? Jankowski is 26, 6'4" and 212 pounds. He averaged 10:43 icetime in 40 games for Pittsburgh, so he might fit in as a fourth line centre. He also looks to be a penalty killer and not a power play guy. His salary was 700K. I'm not advocating signing him, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens.
  6. Think about it: if he already signed, they wouldn't have to qualify him since he's no longer an RFA.
  7. Could have sworn this was Prince George near where the Nechako meets the Fraser. Who says no?
  8. You mean a 6'5", 218 pound, right hand shooting, defensive defenceman, who averaged 18 minutes a night on a very good Carolina defence? Hakanpaa is going to get paid, and it won't be a million AAV for two years. There will be a lineup waiting to talk to him on July 28th. I doubt the Canucks will have enough to afford him.
  9. I'm struggling to understand why you are here. You live in Texas, you hate Dickinson, you don't care for what Benning has done, and you seem to think you are the smartest guy in the room. You are not. Why bother being on a fan forum when you obviously aren't a fan?
  10. Consider this: Donald Fehr is almost 73 ad can't lead the NHLPA forever. I see them hiring Gillis to eventually take over from Fehr. That would put him at the head of the PA in any future negotiations with the league. Sort of, "If nobody will hire me, I'm going to make every owner's life as miserable as I can."
  11. Signing - Emil Pettersson signs with Moscow Spartak for 21-22 season. So, I guess he's not coming to Vancouver to play in his little brother's shadow.

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      thats probably best. The idea always had too much downside to it. 

    2. Quantum


      Yeah, I think Rick Dhaliwal confirmed this weeks ago. It makes sense. As much as I'd like to have seen Emil Pettersson compete for the 3C spot, he was a longshot. If he finds success in the KHL next year, there's a chance he could come back to North America but he's still a longshot for doing that ever again.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      The last thing we want is ill will because the Canucks cut Emil in training camp. And an unhappy Elias. 

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