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  1. I get that everyone is super frustrated with things no matter where you come down on how things are being handled, but please refrain from calling out and attacking other users.
  2. I haven't looked through any of this thread yet, but if I know this forum like I think I do I'm sure everyone is discussing the trade in a calm rational manner.
  3. It does seem like a waste of $10,000 to reprint all the books for one small line of print. I'd say just take a black marker and mark that one line out of every book. Better yet have the student in question be responsible for going through each copy and marking it out.
  4. Best to change the name of the team to the Vancouver Hockey Team to be safe.
  5. Please make an effort to stay on topic. Keep the deep dive into politics to the off topic forum.
  6. I was at the doctor's office seven times last month. It's mandatory to wear a mask on the premises at all times. There is signage on the front door you can't miss saying as much, signage everywhere inside including in the exam rooms to not take it off during your exam. Just about every time I was there someone walked in not wearing a mask (and no it wasn't because of a medical condition that prevented them from wearing one). Also, one of the times I was there a woman walked in saying that she needed a COVID test because of some symptoms she was showing, but she was turned away by other offices/clinics telling her she wasn't supposed to be there. She thought the COVID testing place was closed or something. Apparently phones and the Internet haven't been invented yet.
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