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  1. I'm 100% for pipelines and oil exploration all across Canada so long as 1. it doesn't involve extraction from sands which wastes an evil amount of fresh water 2. we open more refineries and keep it for ourselves and stop selling it to the "global market" only to buy it back at a higher price (fkn DUH) 3. Companies that run these operations are 100% CANADIAN (and not shell entities) and abide by the strictest of regulations to ensure they don't turn the areas they work, into post-apocalyptic landscapes. Of course, Traeudink will never allow such common sense to ever invade Canada as
  2. Agreed. It could have been much worse. Just because a serious injury didn't occur, doesn't mean everything's just honky-dory.... "Mason Raymond collided with Boychuck..." Typical morons... Boychuck gave Raymond a can-opener, then put his head between his legs and drove him ass-first into the boards, breaking his back. This is a good example, because Boston always has at least one stupid $#@hole on their team who will not think twice about putting you in the hospital. We don't want Brock, or Pettersson, or Dahlen, or ?? having to look over their shoulders wonder
  3. Where else can you sit at a desk all day long pushing paper and earn $60,000 a year? (not to mention benefits, vehicle and vacation allowances, and a pension) Burn it down...........
  4. Why should I have to pay for someone else's %$#tty business decisions? If they are that much in debt then they should declare bankruptcy and fold. Insurance isn't something that ever should have been allowed to be monopolized in the first place.
  5. Thanks for that. He definitely has NHL skill. I don't think anyone can argue that. Good to hear that he's had to deal with some of that stuff over there, because it's only going to happen more here. BTW (and this goes out to anyone reading), does anyone know the rink dimensions of Vida Arena? (Vaxjo home) I've read that some of the rinks in Finland, for example, are a kind of hybrid nhl/olympic size... so was wondering about that. Doesn't seem like rink size is standardized like it is here, so the whole "getting used to playing on a smaller surface" may be somewhat overstated
  6. Obviously, you don't stall things because of it. Just pointing out it's a fairly significant issue. Even the last few games you saw it. Marky got slashed in the face a few times. Boeser gets pushed head-first into the boards.... there's no response because there are no responders. I said in another thread you can measure how good your team is, by how much its hated. Right now, everyone loves (playing) the Canucks.
  7. I think we have Tryamkin's rights for another 2 years (?) Out of MacEwen Brassard and Gunnarsson, I think MacEwen's the only guy who might have a shot in the near future. The other 2 are old enough to join Utica next season but you rarely see a guy projected to be a 3rd or 4th liner make the jump directly t the NHL... and I'm seriously worried about some of the talent this team could have on it next year - with zero protection. I wanna see Pettersson (and some of the others) on this team as much as many of you do... but who's going to step up when Marchand torpedoes the kid Sami-Salo st
  8. My bad. Definitely, Zack is a guy I hope we can groom into a pounder down the middle on the 4th line. Is there anyone else?
  9. hahaha refreshing like cold beer on hot day
  10. It's one thing to withstand the day-day physical rigors of the NHL, and totally another to have to deal with guys cheap shooting you at will. My worry isn't so much that he isn't strong enough, it's that our team isn't tough enough to protect any of these star spangled kids. You either have to have one really tough top-tier MF on your team, or you have to do it by committee. The Canucks have neither. I love all the skill being stockpiled but we need some muscle in the pipe too. Other than maybe Gadjovich, I don't see anyone.
  11. So, this happened today.... and he did it in 13 less games
  12. ...with Tavares in the middle and only Pettersson would be on an off wing Boeser is a right shot on the right side. Pettersson is a Left shot but plays RW/C But a legit #1C feeding BOTH those guys on a top PP each on their one-timer side? could be good. could be real gud. lol
  13. fresh clip hot off the press of his 2 points today looks like they have him on the right side on the power play for the 1-timer
  14. This is a LONGGGGG thread so I apologize if this has been posted in the past. An interview with Pettersson in July: https://www.nordicbet.com/en/blog/sport/ice-hockey/meet-canucks-1st-pick-elias-pettersson/
  15. What's more, he's 2nd in the entire SHL in PPG with 1.2 Only Joakin Lindstrom averages more, barely, at 1.25 PPG Also, the average age of the 6 guys ahead of him (overall), is 30. Pettersson doesn't turn 20 until next November. I know he's skronny, but that is seriously impressive. There's an extra 15' side to side in those rinks but he's playing against grown men. If he can do that there now, I don't see any reason why he can't do it here. Top 25 points Leaders for SweHL Name Team GP G A Pts PIM
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