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  1. Pretty soon these guys are going to start talking about what the Leafs have to do to get things going agian. I say shut them down, keep pressing and keep the puck in their end.
  2. Not sure how that's not a penalty.. I see 5 min major ...dangerious play head first check into the boards. Edit. Probably because its Homer Night In Canada
  3. The last game I went to was the Nashville game last year. I was thinking Pettersson, but I think the Hughes Black skate jersey was one of the best looking jerseys I've seen.
  4. I think the black skate jersey looks really sharp. I'm going to buy a jersey this year, and it will surely be that one, just not sure on the numbers yet.
  5. Look for Demko to frustrate the Leafs into taking some un-disciplined penalties. I sure hope our PP is ready to go tonight!
  6. Next game lineup I'll be watching very very closely. Demko earned this back to back and isn't tired...he's young and can do it again and frustrate the hell out of the Leafs. I'm not against Holtby, but as a coach, you have to play the hot hand and give it a chance. Put him in coach... fans want to see it!