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  1. This! The coaches need to bag skate themselves. And then work OT to come up with better system. Stop practicing this garbage on the ice. I have a tough time with Petey playing only 1 shot now. He has so much more talent than that. We've seen glimpses of creativity from Garland, Rathbone and Podz this year. The rest seem to have the creativity bled out of them via poor coaching. "Don't you dare drive to the net and dangle the puck!"
  2. Team is losing the same way it was at low points of last season. It's not the team/players, it's the system/coaching. Last night I saw: -couldn't win possession on ANY key faceoff -PK stinks, no pressure on opposition (and Buffalo is good at turning it over if you force the issue) -PP same tic tac toes to Petey one timer or Horvat down low. Same crap drop pass. Can't get zone entry. No creativity or hard work -D doesn't give a crap about their goalie getting peppered -sloppy changes. Surprised we didn't get another too many men call -poor low percentage passes -fail to recover key turnovers and convert or even complete a pass for that matter. - They really did nothing right, and the talent level on the team is not performing to where it should. That's 100% a coaching problem. And don't give me the "on the road" needed more practice time excuse. Green had plenty of preseason games to get the team together. He just blew it, that's all! Edit. Fire Green, bring in Maholtra.
  3. Yeah, something like that. Keeps alternating between a white, blueish and then redish hue. Especially noticeable when playing north south in the zones. If it's irritating to watch, I wonder how the players on the ice feel about it. Probably quite the annoyance.
  4. Is is me, or is the lighting changing on the camera periodically? I keep seeing a tone change from white to slight red. Can't tell if it's the camera or arena lighting. It's really irritating though.
  5. Yikes, this new intermission camera format is making me dizzy they way they are swinging the camera around. I liked last years 4 way split screen better. And no Bieksa shelf to look at!
  6. Decent start, good puck control. The whole team should just replace their stick.
  7. This should work to our advantage. Our young gun Vaseline Putzgoalzin against Greissy goaltender. We are going to get some greasy ones tonight folks!
  8. Toronto? They will have to go through at least another rebuild before they contend.
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