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  1. Yeah, something like that. Keeps alternating between a white, blueish and then redish hue. Especially noticeable when playing north south in the zones. If it's irritating to watch, I wonder how the players on the ice feel about it. Probably quite the annoyance.
  2. Is is me, or is the lighting changing on the camera periodically? I keep seeing a tone change from white to slight red. Can't tell if it's the camera or arena lighting. It's really irritating though.
  3. Yikes, this new intermission camera format is making me dizzy they way they are swinging the camera around. I liked last years 4 way split screen better. And no Bieksa shelf to look at!
  4. Decent start, good puck control. The whole team should just replace their stick.
  5. This should work to our advantage. Our young gun Vaseline Putzgoalzin against Greissy goaltender. We are going to get some greasy ones tonight folks!
  6. Toronto? They will have to go through at least another rebuild before they contend.
  7. 4-1 Oilers Draisaitl GWG Horvat with the first Canucks Goal
  8. Here we go again, right where we shouldn't be. The season opener is coming up and the final team never played even 1 full game together yet. Bring on the excuses...
  9. Yeah, no idea why they sent Gadj on waivers. He will probably get claimed. Also, no idea why we are not icing a full final team with only 2 practice games to go? We are going to get lit up in game 1 if our D and PK doesn't come together. I can see the excuses already: "Those guys hadn't played together yet, and there was some miscommunication. They will be better next game." Months later... miss the playoffs by 2 points.
  10. I hope this is the last "evaluation" game of the preseason. We should have nearly the final roster for at least 2 games ( 1 or 2 spots up for grabs). I seem to remember in past seasons not icing the final team till the first game of the regular season, and then stumbling out of the gate because they hadn't practiced that way.
  11. Wow, our powerplay looks like it's really been overhauled. This looks great!
  12. Gadjovich is gonna be a beauty! I love the improvements in his game.
  13. Yeah, he looked good. He can contribute many ways. I wonder if they might stick with someone that can kill penalties instead though? Looks like they are grooming Juolevi for that?
  14. It's only game 2, but Gadj looks like he belongs. He makes Zack expendible. Edit. More upside.
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