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  1. Hey Guys, Just curious as to whether you like my first tattoo or if you think its sacrilege to blend two logos? I am British, living in Australia but visit Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle frequently. My surname starts with 'S' and I have caps and other apparel with different 'S' logos already, I play Baseball (unusual for a Brit) and have done so for 10 years after taking it up in the UK to help distract me from a divorce. I've since played in 3 different countries and love travel, having lived in several different countries and traveled to many more so the Baseball & Compass points are applicable for me too. I am a Mariners fan anyway, so their whole logo works for me on several levels. On top of that I am a huge Canucks fan, have been since 2005 when I went to my first game in Vancouver. I've followed them closely ever since and have been back a few times and seen games. I love Vancouver in general and hope to move there one day. I wanted to incorporate that logo but a tribal style version and this is what I came up with. The only important thing is that I love it, but I'm curious as to others reactions as everyone I know hasn't got a clue who the Mariners or Canucks are.