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  1. When exiting their zone with 5 options, 1 being best and 5 being worst ... WHY DO THEY ALWAYS CHOOSE OPTION 6 - Pass it through opposing player?????
  2. Not tonight, but I don't think anybody should be letting him off the hook for the way he's played since joining the team.
  3. Maybe not tonight, but he's been really not good at all this season. A lot of softies and deflating goals
  4. Anybody watching the Habs TSN feed? Mike Johnson acting kinda douchey about how the Canucks are garbage and only beat Ottawa. Even downplayed Demkos 1st Star of the week
  5. I'm hoping because this is CDC somebody has already done a meme of Bernie Sanders in the Canucks net?
  6. All this talk about Green, but let's be real if Markstrom is in the net their record is better and those conversations aren't happening. Forget about spectacular saves, neither of them have made the saves they should and have been really not good at all. 32 goals in 20 periods? C'mon
  7. is stoked to be heading to Detroit tomorrow morning

    1. Try Again

      Try Again

      just for the canucks game?

    2. westsideconnect
    3. Venom52


      Cheer hard brutha!!!

  8. Going to Wings/Canucks at Joe Louis in 3 days!

  9. 10 days until Canucks/Leafs!

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