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  1. Didn't really consider. Could be I suppose! Looked like it was a good thing she had them on when coach was lipping off the ref!
  2. I still don't get the earmuffs on the kids behind the visitors bench. Made sense on the toddler but that girl looks like, 11?
  3. This is happening because that guy wished him good luck in the 3rd
  4. I mean, its a fair statement. Maybe he doesn't need any luck in the 2nd?
  5. What a first! They looked twice as fast as Saturday. New banners are super cool but am I the only one who felt like Steamer Nazzy and Trevor didn't look entirely into the ceremony?
  6. I feel like the Canucks are going to be a resilient team this year and come back with a big game tonight
  7. I think the best way to sum it up for me is this - I realize it's the NHL and it's a different situation but if I was coaching a group of young hockey players and they were constantly out there smashing their stick over the post or boards they wouldn't be seeing very much ice time for their lack of composure temper tantrums.
  8. Yea, I mean hey I of course want a loss to motivate/rile up a team as well. I dunno, maybe it's just me. The breaking stick thing, as often as it happens with him just doesn't vibe with me. I obviously love seeing passion from the team and the players, just feel like there's better ways to express it.