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  1. Nice 8888 posts.

  2. That gif with the baby is hilarious

  3. yeah i dont hear nuthing =[

  4. i cant hear anything. y u do this

  5. They must have removed the music on the page. Sorry about that. I guess I will have to update it.

  6. I can't hear anything

  7. Who does your caricatures?

  8. Aww, thank you, Harbinger! Again you make me blush!

  9. great picture babe. You look fantastic

  10. Thanks for the Birthday wishes my most beautiful facebook friend. :)

  11. You wanna go out for the best spicy tuna sashimi in town next time you are up in these neck of the woods?

  12. Glad to see you're back. And love the pictures :)

  13. I'm not far too kind. And you should still be on my facebook. ;)

  14. You are far too kind, Harbinger and you make me blush! So very nice to see your smilin' face on your profile! It's new, and saaa-mokin' in here since I was here last! :D