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  1. I stopped caring about GSP after he was caught cheating in the fight against BJ Penn
  2. Seriously though. When did Joe Rogan start doing so many steroids or HGH?
  3. Holy crap when did the Joe rogan start looking like Wanderleii Silva?
  4. watched the second episode last night. dang.... dang... dang..... gotta wait two weeks now. lol
  5. Lately? he's looked like that for some time now. Definitely did a lot of steroids though. He looked bigger about a year and a half ago. He looked like he was almost into the 300's for a while.
  6. Is anyone actually still watching UFC anymore? I find it is too much like pro wrestling now and has lost most of it's draw for me. Dana white has become Vince McMahon.
  7. does anyone know the ridership at peak hours. How many people per minute kind of deal?
  8. the true test is the maintenance. if they don't make enough money catching fare evaders these things might be ready for replacement before they are paid for.
  9. It's going to be a bit annoying dealing with rush hour times if everyone has to enter and exit this way. and how much more annoying will it be if one of these things break down during the rush and you can only get two people walking towards the platform at a time.
  10. many people are still going to jump the turnstyle. That's just how it goes if there are no people to actually monitor them.
  11. new revenue is good but if the costs of maintenance for the new system is more than 3.5 million bucks a year this will become a loss rather than a gain.
  12. what is the maintenance going to cost on this system"?
  13. They must have removed the music on the page. Sorry about that. I guess I will have to update it.

  14. Who does your caricatures?

  15. great picture babe. You look fantastic

  16. Thanks for the Birthday wishes my most beautiful facebook friend. :)

  17. You wanna go out for the best spicy tuna sashimi in town next time you are up in these neck of the woods?

  18. Glad to see you're back. And love the pictures :)

  19. I'm not far too kind. And you should still be on my facebook. ;)

  20. BB, Holy smokes. You're totally smokin. You need to be on my facebook.

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