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  1. It’s getting really tiring being a Canucks fan under Benning.
  2. This helps with dealing Pearson or Sutter at the deadline. I don't see Vesey as a long term fit.
  3. Bout time. Bring on Gallant. Sooo many awesome pieces in place there, yet they can’t get it together.
  4. Oh man, I missed all of that. I don’t follow other teams much.
  5. What exactly did this guy do? The NHL has given domestic abusers, racists, drug addicts, etc second chances. I haven’t followed this story at all, but dang he must be a monster!
  6. Sutter is a perfect fit for the Flames. They will form a defensive system that will stifle offense, but they have too find a way to counter the Oilers and Leafs. Need to grind out some Ws from those 2 teams to get into the playoffs. With Markstrom and a solid D core, they are much scarier now with a likely renewed focus on D.
  7. At what point does Aqua actually do something? it’s time for Green and Benning to go.
  8. I wanna see Horvat smack that stupid grin off of Scheifeles face. It won’t happen though. The league is too much like a country club now. Come on Cap. We had so much hope for a passionate leader following a decade of turning the other cheek. If you can’t stand up for the undersized rookie getting beat down then you should turn in the C.
  9. On second thought what about this: To Predators: Adam Gaudette Jim Benning To Vancouver: David Poille
  10. There is ZERO reason to trade Gaudette right now. Let this weirdo one off season fall away. Prepare for the next one. Need to ride this bad year out.
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