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  1. I take it. I know he only has 1 year left, but he is a tremendous 2 way player. Would be a great winger for Bo. Miller - Petey - Boeser Forsberg - Horvat - Hoglander Pearson - XXXX - Motte Highmore - Sutter (resigned at 1.5M) - Podz Still have that big ugly glaring hole at 3C, but dang... thats a killer forward core with motors.
  2. This is who I’d like the Canucks to target. Can play anywhere in the top 9. Versatile like Miller.
  3. Wow! That’s a crazy good 3 months. I’ve been a JB defender, but it’s time to let him go. Bring in Gorton.
  4. This league is a joke. Has been for sometime. Straw/Camel?
  5. It’s getting really tiring being a Canucks fan under Benning.
  6. This helps with dealing Pearson or Sutter at the deadline. I don't see Vesey as a long term fit.
  7. Bout time. Bring on Gallant. Sooo many awesome pieces in place there, yet they can’t get it together.
  8. Oh man, I missed all of that. I don’t follow other teams much.
  9. What exactly did this guy do? The NHL has given domestic abusers, racists, drug addicts, etc second chances. I haven’t followed this story at all, but dang he must be a monster!
  10. Sutter is a perfect fit for the Flames. They will form a defensive system that will stifle offense, but they have too find a way to counter the Oilers and Leafs. Need to grind out some Ws from those 2 teams to get into the playoffs. With Markstrom and a solid D core, they are much scarier now with a likely renewed focus on D.
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