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  1. If OEL can maintain this play for the season, I would be surprised to see him top 5 in Norris voting. Color me impressed thus far.
  2. What an overpay. Good player, but $8.2M good? Paid for size. That’s it. Arguably he’s somewhere between Garland and Boeser for value.
  3. Time to go shopping! Kane will be terminated, sign for $1M in Carolina and score 40 goals.
  4. Suzuki is a great player, however these takes (Drance) throwing shade at JB are ridiculous. He is not a comparable to EP. At best he’s a Bo comp.
  5. I am thinking the Canucks load up the top 2 lines and cherry pick Ozone starts for the third line. 4th line gets heavy lifting defensive duties, Horvat covers some D zone work too. Miller - Pete - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Garland Pod - Petan - Hog Juho - Dickinson - Highmore Then when guys start coming back and when (if) there is a full roster: Miller - Pete - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Garland Pod - Dickinson - Hog Motte - Sutter - Highmore
  6. I agree. It's time for some context. Personal details aren't required, but some sort of explanation would help the fanbase try and understand what's happening. For example "Travis has requested time to be with his family as there is a pressing medical issue. Travis communicated that this may be on the horizon when he decided to sign with us in the off season. We wish the Hamonics all the best as we prepare for the season and look forward to Travis suiting up to cover Quins butt soon."
  7. Garland is funny. The Jaws stuff made me laugh. I can see him and Bo being good buddies. Both young fathers, a bit serious, with a quirkiness that makes them fun.
  8. I don't have too. Thats the Coaches job. I don't have the background he does. Management knew the risks they were taking by putting Gadj on waivers. Aren't Petan and Chiasson on PTO anyway? They are place holders for injured players.
  9. This SUUUCKS! But its a sign of a team on the rise. When you have to risk losing quality, it means there is a lot of quality on the roster.
  10. Hutton has a really fun vibe to him. Like Schmidt a bit that way. Which I think helped the team during the darkest years of the rebuild, now its all business. A few Captain Serious types on the team now. He will probably help the Ducks as they don't look like they will be all that good this year.
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