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  1. This game is unwatchable. bad calls cassie being annoying zero heart/passion/hard nosed play. it’s just not a fun way to spend a Saturday night.
  2. I remember his draft and Pierre gushing over his “mans body.”
  3. Anyone got a stream link? I can't get any of my subscriptions to work for some reason.
  4. 32-20-4 EP with 66 pts - Hart candidate JT with 60 pts Horvat with 48 pts Hughes with 44 pts - top 5 in Norris votes Goalies combine for a .907 sv % Win first 2 rounds
  5. My City has done an excellent job working towards solutions for homelessness.
  6. CCP added a bunch this morning because people died at home and weren’t counted until now. I don’t believe their numbers at all. Add a few zeros...
  7. That video of his hit on the team on in red... WOAH. I really like this pick. Skilled Swedes willing to lay big hits are always welcome.
  8. has not set his status... or has he?