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  1. I hear you, but if the Chicago Cubs, a team supposedly cursed for more than a century, can win a championship, there’s hope for anyone
  2. and unfortunately not the cool wrestling finishing move from Rocky “the Rock” Maiva
  3. The Chicago Cubs won a World Series and the Cleveland Browns won a playoff game, never lose hope!
  4. How many losses (if any) before a significant change is made to the team in season ie. Green or Benning dismissed?
  5. That image of Brad Marchand speed bagging Daniel in the finals is exactly what’s been wrong with this team for 10 years. That negative image has followed us around for too long. To quote the late great Owen Hart, “enough is enough and it’s time for a change!”
  6. I can’t like this post enough. One tiny snowball always turns into an all encompassing avalanche with this team
  7. At least then there was 51 goals from Bure in ‘97-‘98. In ‘98-‘99 Naslund emerged. In ‘99-‘00 they made that late push for the playoffs. At least then you knew they didn’t have the horses in a lot of aspects but some improvement was eventually shown and the west coast express emerged later. I’m really not seeing any positives or anything to be excited about with what I’m watching right now
  8. He’s made mistakes too, like trading Sergachev. But Drouin has gotten better. He’s also made some great moves like getting Weber for Subban (a widely panned move at the time) and getting guys like Tatar, Toffoli etc.
  9. Are we not nearly as good as we thought, is Montreal really that good or are we just playing WAY below our potential?
  10. I’m not going to lament what players are no longer here. What’s out there is our team, for better or for worse.
  11. Was telling my wife, a Penguin fan (a Pittsburgh native) that the Canucks history is basically summed up like this “one step forward, two steps back.” Have a 4 game winning streak including a great effort against Winnipeg? Follow that up with yet another blowout loss to the Canadiens, a good team but not exactly the 2001 Avalanche. The team is extremely inconsistent, which is what separates the great teams from the pretenders
  12. I know Ottawa isn’t exactly the 2002 Detroit Red Wings, but good to see the top guys get some offense going. Pettersson starting to make some confident plays, no hesitation on these shots. Miller looking like Miller. Hughes, Brock & Bo solid as well. Thanks to that great 1st by Demko, gave the guys a chance to get it going. Almost exactly what happened against the Canucks a couple weeks back against Marky and the Flames
  13. I agree, there’s positivity and there’s reality. You want a leader to step in and say “this is BS, we are professional hockey players and the effort we’re putting on the ice is completely 100% unacceptable!” Then back those words up with action! They can say anything they want but talk is cheap.
  14. I would love to know what the psychology of the locker room is right now. Bewilderment? Confusion? Panic? We can only speculate, but I’d really love to be a fly on the wall and find out what’s going on. Green has to be starting to sweat, same with JB.
  15. Hahaha, jokingly I asked my wife that exact question both times. They sure look an awful lot like me if they’re not
  16. A good analogy is that a guy (the Canucks) has been striking out with every girl he’s asked out for like five years. Then all of a sudden an absolute goddess (last year’s playoffs) walks into his life and they begin dating, she’s beautiful, funny and the girl of his dreams. Then out of nowhere (this year) she vanishes into thin air, leaves him a note that she has to leave and will never see him again. Ripping his heart out of his chest in the process
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