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  1. how is it that all of the signings are "great depth" pick-ups? Do we have any first or even second line pick-ups?
  2. More of the same... overpaid - middle of the packers...gdmnt.
  3. Would be interested in his % actual SOG and goals per shot? I am not a stats person but feel that his point shooting is not very effective. Passing is great.
  4. One bad give away at own blue line led to goal against. Agree about the gliding but more likely a bit lost on the game plan as to his responsibilities without the puck. Otherwise did Ok but not top 6 level. Not sure why he was played there. Some coaching issues.
  5. Always Canucks first and as always hate Toronto but I think Canada's best chance this year. Loaded up.... and primed to go.
  6. Won't take Holtby... other better goalies will be available..... e.g. Alan/Price in Montreal
  7. We used to wish we could waive the penalty.... WG killed us so often shorthanded.
  8. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/everything-you-need-to-know-about-new-canucks-forward-jimmy-vesey
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