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  1. That's a very big reason that our team has struggled for as long as it has. We traded away sooo many picks, along with bad drafting, that when JB took over there was no talent coming up(minus Bo). Yes, we would be further ahead if we had decided to do a hard rebuild right when JB got here, but lots of teams try and keep the glory years going for too long.
  2. Oh, I just mean a stupid penalty(that shouldn't be in the game) biting us in the ass. Not blaming it on Motte or the boys.
  3. Well at least we're gonna get a great draft pick. Maybe a dman who can play defence.
  4. I've noticed this whole playoffs, we're pretty bad at clearing our zone on the penalty kill...
  5. Pick it up boys, can't sit back and defend a full period. You'll lose.
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