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  1. shea weber sucks

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      lmao he has scored 40+ points 8 times 50+3 times almost 4.   Put down the doobie.

    3. The Vancouver Connection
  2. why would i get a warning for saying that? really? 

    1. StealthNuck


      It's a little troubling you're even questioning that.

    2. The Vancouver Connection
  3. thanks for the advice about ubc res! really appreciate it mate!

  4. haha frack off you guys ALWAYS look at my profile and I just click to look back yeeeee dig

  5. yeah, 2nd round, i was gonna surprise her but you fracking ruined it....faggoyel

  6. are you going to take ur gf to the canucks game

  7. stop creeping my profile GAYel

  8. haha I also agree with some points you make!

  9. why must u check my page every night ..stop touching me

  10. my friend terence wants to go out with you mzcrosby87