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  1. Not himself. He's still got a ways to go. Turnovers, hands aren't there yet, trying to do too much himself, even seems slower. No one will be tougher on Petey than Petey. He will come around.
  2. Was thinking the same thing. What does it say about Eichel as a leader. The guy always struck me as a bit of a prick and now the team is playing better without him.
  3. He wanted out. Didn't want to wait for proper development and went crying back to Europe. Good riddance to the little rat.
  4. He needs to use teammates better. He needs to get that one timer going. I have faith in him and he's missed a lot of hockey. Let's go Petey.
  5. Defensive structure and urgency is non existent. EP was horrible.
  6. Is it Christmas? All the giveaways, Canucks feeling generous.
  7. We have the talent, can we try to mix up the PP zone entry once in awhile? Ffnn drop pass is so predictable.
  8. That was weird. I kept waiting yet stripes didn't step in. He's not a fan of Starbucks I suppose.
  9. Very impressed with Burroughs. He keeps things simple. Great depth dman. And heck, who could get tired of hearing that name around here.
  10. Hope whatever Travis is dealing with can work out for him. The team is far better with Hamonic on the roster. He is old school and this team needs some of what he brings. Actually, lots of what he brings. Hope he can be back soon, when he's ready.
  11. I agree with that. The way Zedina extended to reach a puck shows he wasn't going body. But, you want to extend yourself like that, your leaving yourself wide open to hard contact. This Zadina kid seems like a female dog. Just shut up, take the hit like a man. That, or make your post game comment about how "I shouldn't of put myself in that position". What a female dog.
  12. Lol, we will look back on the Dubas era as a complete dubachary. Add Shanaplan to that. They made a complete mess of the talent, signings, trades.
  13. Some things never change, like Red Wings favoritism. The call on Hogs was fair. They completely botched the Garland crap. Refs should be called out and asked to explain that one. Terrible. And then open season on Garland, when he did nothing wrong.
  14. That "midget" has the heart of a lion Filip. Maybe take notice and learn a thing or two. Conor, I tip my hat to you. You've become a hell of an NHLer when I'm sure everyone said your too small.
  15. Gotta get the PP going. Teams want to play Mr Tough Guy then make them pay on the PP. The twins did a great job of that.
  16. Lol. I get it. But you can't help but get excited over the difference in team speed from last year to this year. Not just skating speed, but transitional speed. If they keep this up it will be a fun year.
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