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  1. Man, what the hell is wrong with these perverts. If true, lock him up and throw away the key.
  2. They are, or will be better than us and competing for a cup before us. That's a hell of a young core, lots of prospects.
  3. Ah, no way he would waive for Buffalo. Talk about a team that's going to have issues attracting players. Yikes.
  4. Anyone else do a double take when number 3, Rathbone is on the ice. Man I miss Juice in his prime.
  5. Yip, I laffed as well. That's a shot across the bow by Juice. He hasn't forgotten, players never forget and always take a number. Juice will someday embarrass and slam Ron as payback. Ron knows this and I've noticed Ron tread lightly around Juice.
  6. Sure, and a backdoor conversation with Larssons agent to sign him for the right-side and I'm game.
  7. Absolutely. OJ is a smart dman with such a great first pass. Again though, we can't get Baumer away from this kid fast enough.
  8. I'd trade Schmidt for Reinhardt if we could sign Larsson to replace him. Absolutely. Would probably take more than Schmidt, but I like that idea.
  9. Picking up a stud D ready to insert into the lineup, even in a bottom pairing role, would be ideal. The chances of drafting a future top four D in the spots we may be drafting in looks very promising. Almost makes this year somewhat worth the pain. We need a top, young, cheap, ready to grow with this core dman sooo badly. RIP Luc, but a Luc Bourdon type would be perfect.
  10. Gotta get Hamonic signed. Just so important. And yes, another real good righty would be great. If that happens, sorry Eddy love you, but it's time to move on unless he's ready to accept a bottom pairing depth role and money.
  11. I agree, as he has been often been moved between wing and center. I just think that the price point he will come at because of the amount of teams wanting him will put him beyond our range. With Hogs and maybe Pods someday in the top six, I think the efforts are better spent on a top defensive D.
  12. I imagine the market for Reinhart will be beyond our price point. His value is as a center and there are just too many teams needing a top tier center ahead of us in the grocery aisle.
  13. JT seldom looks happy, lol. That's what I love about him because hockey is meant to be played a little grumpy.
  14. Sure, I wouldn't mind Reinhart. The issues on this team are at D though. We need another defensive stud on D, and to get rid of Baumer before he castrates the new stud.
  15. Gonna be Torts, gonna be fun to watch, gonna be entertaining.
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