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  1. You think it’s that crazy I’d have a 17/18 year old who put up 91 points in the dub and was great at the U-18s in my top 30? On a side note, I also had Pasternak as No. 10-12 in that draft. It doesn’t happen often, but the Canucks could have used my scouting expertise in 2014
  2. I’m going say no, because where does it end? The ring of honour should mean something. There’s like 5-6 guys off that ‘11 cup team you could make a case for...are you going to put them all in? And if so, do you put in the 5-6 guy from the ‘94 team who you can make a case for as well? Or the ‘82 team....and so on. Are we planning to put 50 guys in the ring? I’d prefer it to remain somewhat exclusive.
  3. I’ll drink to that. I had Point as a first rd pick on my board. I would have taken him over Demko, so I would have been all over him in the third rd.
  4. 1. Tryamkin wasn’t a great pick. He’s had a cup of coffee in the NHL on one of the worst D groups this organization has ver seen. Sure there’s upside, but the reality is he’s a 25 year old who hasn’t stuck in the NHL and hasn’t contributed much. 2. How many of those players you listed wasted a year of hockey, playing a limited role for their teams?
  5. Benning also said Granlund played like Bergeron...I think he’s trying to sell beans to the fan base.
  6. That’s seems a bit high. I like Jake, but if Boeser is making 5.8 on a bridge I’m not sure he’s worth much more then 3. and given Jake’s history of inconsistent play and lack of effort at times, I’m not sure I’d ever give him more than 3 years on a contract.
  7. If by fine, you mean he’ll be in the lineup around the 23-24 season then okay. from what I’ve read and saw at the world juniors he’s on the same type of development road as Virtanen, ie missing out on development with his peers and being pushed into a very limited role with men. Guessing his development goes something like this: 19-20: bounce around Russian teams with limited opportunity 20-21: bottom 6 in KHL with limited offensive opportunities 21-22: spend a year in Utica learning the North American game 22-23: spend a year in Utica regaining the confidence and skill that has been sucked out of him the previous three seasons 23-24: makes the Canucks lineup...if he stays over here long enough. I’m a firm believer that if you want to develop players right, they need to play in the role you intend them to play in the NHL. If you think Podkolzin is a 2nd line winger, he needs to be somewhere, where he’s playing 16-19 minutes a night with power-play time. If he’s not getting that, then his development is being set back.
  8. I worry a little bit about him being stuck over there and him losing two years of development playing next to no minutes on big ice. I think he’d be better developed as a prospect playing 20+ minutes a night in the CHL against kids his own age this year playing a North American game than he is playing 5 minutes a night in the KHL/VHL.
  9. He’s an inch shorter and the same weight as Pettersson. He’s also already surpassed be a No. 3 centre. kid put up 52 points as an 18 year old. You can argue that you think there are better players, but there is no argument about him being a bust.
  10. Bust??? Hischer has more games and points than anyone in the 2017 draft class. I’d hardly say he’s a bust. And if he is, what does that make Virtanen and Joulevi?
  11. I believe his injury is related to chronic migraines and they are unsure if it’s related to a concussion because he had the same type of thing growing up. either way, tough break for a guys that’s always been a real good player
  12. I think it’s going to take, taking on a bad contract to get a Baertschi trade done. I see him being a decent fit with the Islanders. would you take on Hickey to trade Baertschi?
  13. So let’s say they re-sign Markstrom...the next question is, who’s willing to give Seattle a sweetener (aka, guessing at least a 2nd rd pick) not to take Demko? I’m thinking Seattle will have the choice of Stetcher, Virtanen or Demko at the expansion draft when the dust settles, with Demko being the most interesting to me.
  14. Pettersson doesn't strike you as the leader-type? He's miles ahead of anyone on the team in terms of hockey smarts, and he's likely the hardest worker on the team. He also has a very, "tell it like it is" way of dealing with the media. Pettersson is as good of a leader as anyone, including Bo & Brock, on the Canucks.
  15. Why would Pettersson sign long term, two years later at less money then Marner if he's 90 point, solid defensively centre. If he preforms like people are predicting, he will want 12Ish million per over an eight-year deal.
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