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  1. RIP Patrick Kane

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Phil_314


      YOLO during his 1000th game?

      "Kaner has left the building"

    3. Coconuts


      Stars did him dirty, but that's hockey 

    4. Patrick Kane
  2. Detroit sends down Cedric Fazio and Andre Stanese
  3. Detroit recalls Tim Axelsson, Andre Stanesse and Cedric Fazio
  4. Nathan Tanev Red Wings RW/C 0.7 0.7 NA Charlie Forney Red Wings LD 0.7 0.7 N/A George Gadoury Red Wings LD 0.7 0.7 N/A Olivier Dostie Red Wings LW 0.7 0.7 N/A Tyler Lekun Red Wings C 0.7 0.7 N/A Cade Reuschlein Red Wings
  5. Detroit recalls Amil Schumacher and sends down Tim Axelsson
  6. Detroit recalls Magnus St. Cyr
  7. Detroit releases Nikita Kucherov and Nicholas Norris to FA
  8. Detroit: 5 years for Beauregard, 2 years for everyone else. Adrian Beauregard Red Wings RW N/A 3.35 3.6 Andy Annisi Red Wings C N/A 3.25 NA Anton Rasulov Red Wings RW N/A 2.85 NA Bobby Bishop Red Wings LW/RW N/A 4.6 NA Chris Blackmun Red Wings C N/A
  9. Detroit being a lottery team again: @Monty
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