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  1. Boy are we gonna suck this year. Oh well. 5o more years of waiting
  2. Not worried about losing the players. Just worried about losing the character.
  3. After sleeping on this I guess it is what it is. Living in Calgary and hating the Flames probably soured me even more yesterday. If either went to an eastern conference team I probably wouldn’t have hated this as much. It was time to move on. Hoping we don’t do a panic sign/trade and just play some young players. Hoping OJ and Rafferty will get some ice time. Maybe a step back isn’t bad.
  4. He has no choice. His albatross contracts dictate it. Super pumped to watch Sutter, Beagle, Erickson and Sven next year
  5. Today has not been a good day. If only we didn’t have our anchor contracts
  6. This hasn't really been a time of strength for JB.....
  7. Thats my point, he has found a spot where he is successful and is now going to leave.
  8. Maybe he is pulling an Anson Carter. Finds himself a spot that he is successful in and then decides to leave for short term money.
  9. neither is happening with both Tanev and Stetcher back.
  10. How can we say that we need to badly upgrade our D and then expect to have both Stetcher and Tanev back? Where would an upgrade come?
  11. Nope, those players are gotten easily in Free Agency for 4 years 4.5/year. In Benning we Trust
  12. I am fine if the timeline is sooner but not if it means losing a good young player and high picks.
  13. Am I the only one wondering how we went from a slow rebuild with some great young players to a what seems like a full blown "win now" mode? Have we overrated what was a nice little surprise run in the bubble? Wasn't our window supposed to be another couple years away? If we can lose some bad contracts in this deal I guess thats fine but will be really bummed if we lose a good young player or some high picks...
  14. On a side note, look at all that diversity.....