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  1. Maybe Emily should be asking her kid why she isn't wearing her mask instead of wondering why someone isn't forcing her to.....
  2. 3 million for 35 points. I'm in the wrong business.....
  3. I was just in BC last weekend. Came from Calgary. The lack of masks out there compared to here is baffling.
  4. Schools, school boards and provincial governments have had since mid March to have a reentry plan. The fact that there has been panic on the return to school and lots of schools/teachers being unprepared is frankly ridiculous.
  5. Jake was a disappointing for sure but for a guy who is supposed to be an offensive threat, Gaudette really didn't add any of that this playoffs.
  6. Welcome, not sure you want to come here to pick up any knowledge though
  7. Frustrating loss when we haven’t really been outplayed again for the second straight game Marky was meh.... oh well. Fun to have hockey back and a good experience for the boys. Maybe next year.
  8. Hoping that Reeves has more to his trash talk game than what we see. It’s pretty low level stuff. Chicken noises? His baby taunt? I hear way better in my men’s league. Embarrassing frankly.
  9. Calgary can get a test whenever needed. Been tested twice and got results next day mandatory masks inside school districts giving out two masks per student that must be worn offering online learning to those who want it Not bad for a bunch of rednecks eh?
  10. That weird feeling when you block everyone who has been voicing really bad takes on the BLM movement and realize the GDT is quite small.