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  1. You know, you're probably right. Been thinking for a while now that I probably spend too much time on here. I also probably don't add much to the conversation other than snarky replies to things. The "conversation" with Deb today was probably a good reminder that I need to split. Enjoyed the friendly conversations I have had from time to time but as REO Speedwagon once said, "it's time for me to fly" Mod's, feel free to delete my account.
  2. I drove 3 hours with my two family members to a cabin in Invermere. Only public interactions were a grocery and liquor shop. Also during a time when cases were very low. We canceled our trip to the cabin this holiday season to be safe and help the cause. My point is the hypocrisy. I could care less if the teams play. Just wondering why some berate the PHO for being too lenient but want different rules for the NHL. Just my two cents.
  3. Understood but as you can see by the world juniors, all the precautions they have taken haven't haven't help stop cases. These players are going to go about their regular lives just like you and me and then they will be travelling and playing games. They are not going to be quarantining the whole season.
  4. I find it odd that some want Covid rules followed by the general public but not when it comes to their pro hockey team. Strange.... Last I checked my men's league team can't play nor can all the youth minor hockey teams. Either we are in a pandemic or we aren't.
  5. So will @kingofsurreybe happy or mad if Dr Bonnie and Horgan don’t allow the Canucks to play in BC?
  6. hmmmm, if only someone had the power to do something about it...... hmmm, who could that be???
  7. Why is it that all the assholes are in the Republican Party? Rubio, Gaetz, Jordan, Cruz.
  8. fair enough. I think you are 100% wrong but time will tell...
  9. So are you saying that there won't be a season or there shouldn't be a season? "Shouldn't" I'm on board with, "won't", impossible....
  10. Meh, when Cory Perry is the third ranked UFA available I wouldn't say there are a lot of quality players left. Guess it depends on your definition of "quality".
  11. I agree but the NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, UFC, etc are all playing/have played so I don't see the NHL cancelling. Not gonna happen.
  12. The NHL will not cancel the season. Every league and sport is playing. It will happen but let’s not be fooled into thinking it will be a real season.
  13. Agreed. Everyone has to make their own decisions on playing and the risks they are taking.
  14. I would personally have no issues if any Canuck player said no thanks to this season. If they can afford to walk away from their pay for the season all the power to them. If I was a single guy like most of the young guys I would probably play but to leave the family for a shortened season in the COVID capital of the world, no thanks.
  15. I took a break from the computer for a bit today and decided to listen to this podcast while vacuuming. Thought it may interest you as someone who has been suffering for a while. It discusses what they call "long haulers" who got Covid. Found it interesting and learned somethings. You may have heard this already. https://open.spotify.com/episode/5cO2zn48DjhR25dKASkxGp?si=W4b9SNXoQ8aV4vtAbJO0gw
  16. That’s all I was trying to say.
  17. Nope. I guess I’ll refrain from spewing my harmful propaganda.
  18. Well you sure got me... Lets not encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle. Lets just sit around, eat McDonalds and pray we don't get sick. Damn, now your going to ask me for my research on if prayer works......
  19. Once again, I am not saying it is a blanket statement and claiming every person who is healthy, athletic, eats well is immune from the virus. I am saying that by following those principles you should have a better chance of fighting off viruses.
  20. CDC, where common sense goes to die......
  21. Not sure why you wouldn't agree that being healthy and having a strong immune system would help you battle a virus. Its pretty basic stuff. No one is saying it's the end all be all but it certainly helps.
  22. Maybe not but it sure will give you a better chance of fighting it off.
  23. How about "British Columbia They's". Although the British may complain.
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