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  1. Same defense coach,same system if you can call that a system,same result as last season.
  2. Now they just need a better defense coach.
  3. This team has no clue how to defend.Coaching staff should be embarrassed.
  4. Not sure if the NHL keeps starts on team giveaways but this Canuck team has got to be the worst.They can't handle the puck or pass .no pressure on the Oilers but all kinds of pressure by the Oilers in their own end..I don't know what can be done other than some coaching personnel changes.
  5. look ahead to the off season. the changes should begin with getting a good defense coach who will change the way the Canucks defend.
  6. I wonder how many Canucks want to be left unprotected for the expansion draft.Maybe wave the no trade clause.
  7. They need someone who can teach some defense.They don't have that right now.
  8. https://www.citynews1130.com/2021/04/03/seven-additional-vancouver-canucks-players-added-to-nhls-covid-protocol-list/
  9. neither do I but when people miss the story and comment they jump to conclusions.I defended DR Henry but some here missed that part.
  10. I guess you miss the photo of Dr Henry waiting for the Helijet to take her back to Victoria.
  11. Are you serious?Dr Henry is in a large room with nobody near her and did you notice the coffee cup on the table,if you know how to drink coffee through a mask let us know.A Conservative Gov would have done a better job? Do you realize in Ontario in person dining has been closed for almost 300 days,and they lead the country in variants .BC has never locked down so what would make you believe a Con Gov would do better.You mean like Alberta?
  12. The possibility exist that some of the infected Canuck players could have long term effects from what is said to be the Brazilian variant.If you haven't heard of longhaulers look it up.Long lasting chronic fatigue,brain damage where a person can't maintain concentration,in extremes the lungs can be like tissue paper.The majority of deaths and ICU patients are younger people.We can't assume because these are young athletes they will easily get over it so shouldn't be taken lightly.Lets hope for full and speedy recoveries.
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