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  1. So is this where Nikita Tryamkin jokes go now?
  2. I think when evaluating anybody's play you have to consider the role they're supposed to be playing. Watching Jake play in this tourney it looks like the coaching staff wants him to play a heavy net front game to open up space for the rest. He's not the guy that is going to be carrying the puck and distributing it. They might give it to him to gain the zone with his speed but otherwise it looks like his role is to win pucks on the forecheck, cycle, and go to the net. Whether or not this suits Jakes game is a different story but I think he's been doing what has been asked of him pretty we
  3. In the spirit of revealing information, part of the definition of bourbon is that it must be made in Kentucky so you don't have to say "Kentucky bourbon". To make this post relevant to the thread topic: I'm going out on a limb here and guaranteeing Virtanen makes the team. This is solely based on my desire to watch a Canucks prospect play for team Canada again.
  4. Size plays a HUGE role in why LA is a possession beast. Obviously size isn't everything but if you don't think it's a significant factor you're out to lunch.
  5. People use the information they have at their disposal. Most people on here have not seen him play, or have spent enough time engaging him on a personal level to make a fully accurate judgment. You cannot deny that giving the other team's bench high fives after he scores is cocky. I'm not knocking him for it, I did the exact same celebration when I was his age (and yes, it was a cocky move). I'm just saying a cocky incident like that seems inconsistent with the humility possessed by the current management group. Obviously people change and obviously the Canucks have more information at their d
  6. At around the 1:40 mark of this video, after he scores does he give the opposing team's bench high fives? If so, that is hilarious but I'm surprised it fit in with the type of character Linden, Benning, & co were looking for.
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