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  1. This has to go down as one of the most memorable post-game interviews ever. I laughed out loud last night when I saw it and then again this morning when I remembered it. I think everybody knew that clip was going to go viral, and you just know the boys gave it to him after. Tequilaaaaa Tanev what a beaut.
  2. As a fan, I love these little glimpses into team dynamics. JT Miller is a beauty. Look how stoked Huggy is when he calls his name. Also, did I hear "Tequila Tanev"?
  3. I remember being livid at the time because it seemed like the Bruins would get the calls when the score was close, and then the Canucks would finally get their PPs late in the game when the game was beyond reach. I even remember thinking the refs were purposefully calling the game that way so they could point to the same stats you pointed to to justify calling a fair game. That series felt like a total fix at the time, but I wonder if I’d feel the same way if I re-watched it now. Too bad I have no desire to re-open those old wounds!
  4. I was surprised how quickly that was pushed under the rug. It’s difficult to believe it ended there and nothing more was done, but I am sure everybody involved learned a lot from those leaks. That incident was full blown corruption at worst, and extremely unprofessional at best. Either way, he should’ve resigned or been fired for harming the integrity of the league. We can only hope things have improved since then, but that 2011 series definitely didn’t inspire optimism.
  5. Part II is up today: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks-best-team-history-part-2/ I really enjoyed both of these articles, despite having to re-live some painful memories. I can't help but wonder whether Bieksa's new career, and his relationships with some of the mainstream media, is helping change how that 2011 team is portrayed in the media. Whatever the reason, it's refreshing to see. For those of you who haven't read either article, I urge you to do so. They are essentially just a compilation of quotes from a variety of team personalities over the
  6. I don't chime in too often, but I feel like I need to in this thread to make three points. 1) As a society, we need to re-evaluate how we react to people who say things we don't like. 2) Don Cherry deserves to be let go for his failure to remedy the situation. 3) Ron MacLean failed to perform his role. In a conversation, it's the speaker's responsibility to communicate their thoughts effectively to their audience. However, the ability to communicate effectively requires a lot of skill/knowledge/experience/etc. This means A LOT of people do not effectively comm
  7. I'm honestly dumbfounded as to how anybody enjoyed The Last Jedi. That movie was trash in so many different ways that I wouldn't be able to list them all even if I tried. If you enjoyed it, good for you. R.I.P. Star Wars
  8. Pettersson clearly has some skill but he's played softer than I'd like to see all tourney. I hope he gains the confidence to take pucks back with authority when he bulks up. Looks like he could be a player though, and I'll be cheering for the kid.
  9. This episode was one of those rare times a fictional story made me feel like somebody punched me in the stomach.
  10. Kirkland has the biggest set of stones. This team is the team of destiny and I hate them for it.
  11. Tough break tonight. Kelowna got the luckiest of goals to get on the board and give them some life early in the 3rd. Off a stick off a dman off the post, and as the dman goes to clear the puck it skips and he knocks it in. Then the Royals ice it with 30 secs left, 3 steps from the red line. Try to eat the clock along the boards, epic battles, crowd counting down the seconds. With a second left the puck is jarred loose and thrown to Kirkland on the far point who has ice in his veins and the biggest stones ever as he decides to step around the shot blocker rather than one timing it. As the crowd
  12. So is this where Nikita Tryamkin jokes go now?
  13. Having starship troopers on your list only makes you more credible.
  14. Finally saw The Revenant, probably one of the most beautiful and difficult movies I've watched. Gruesome, ruthless, and raw. Loved it, go watch it, somethingsomething Tom hardy
  15. I think when evaluating anybody's play you have to consider the role they're supposed to be playing. Watching Jake play in this tourney it looks like the coaching staff wants him to play a heavy net front game to open up space for the rest. He's not the guy that is going to be carrying the puck and distributing it. They might give it to him to gain the zone with his speed but otherwise it looks like his role is to win pucks on the forecheck, cycle, and go to the net. Whether or not this suits Jakes game is a different story but I think he's been doing what has been asked of him pretty we
  16. Saw The Stanford Prison Experiment. I was already very familiar with the experiment and still found it disturbing. Definitely worth a watch.
  17. I agree. I mean it was still somewhat entertaining because it's a Bond movie, but I definitely laughed way too hard at moments that were not intended to be funny. In my opinion, Skyfall should've been the end of Bond; there won't ever be a Bond movie that beats it.
  18. The Drop on Netflix was really good. Tom Hardy with another quality performance, worth watching just for him.
  19. What We Do in the Shadows is a terrific comedy that's flying under the radar. Definitely worth checking out.
  20. Just watched Nightcrawler, it immediately became one of my favourite films of the year. For some reason I love Jake Gylenhaal thrillers. Then I watched Birdman, and all I can say is wow what a terrific film. Loved absolutely everything about it. Not sure if there was a single thing that irked me.
  21. Speaking of Tom Hardy, anybody seen that movie Locke? Just watched it and was shocked at how heavy and engaging it was despite the entire film being Tom Hardy driving in a car, taking and making phone calls. Tom Hardy has an incredible ability to make me feel sad, but in a good way because it's due to his superb acting.
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