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  1. There it is. So need to keep going down the list, was it the team before LA? Anyway I'm glad we are potentially bringing in a couple of game changer Ruskies
  2. Fun fact... I believe the last team to win a Stanley Cup that did NOT have at least one Russian born, impact player on their roster was the 2014 Los Angeles Kings.
  3. Surprised at the lack of love for Dave Keon. Although I didn't vote for him. Never vote for a leaf
  4. "Plays with violent energy" Ok ok this is fun
  5. Is AZ taking longer than the other teams or is it just me
  6. Or, counter point, yep. He has the like 3rd worst record over 7 years of any active GM. Something along those lines. Unless the moves he makes this off season turn the team around and get us into the playoffs, he's out of a job and probably not top of anyone's list. But keep holding onto that hopium.
  7. Just like Gillis, after JB is gone from the Canucks I don't see him getting many shots to rejoin the NHL. He is among the worst active GMs in the league, at least by the numbers.
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