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  1. Have you seen this? LOL https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/canucks
  2. Team is in cap hell with a thin prospect pool after 7 years of rebuilding, with few tradeable assets outside of the young core who shouldn't be traded. This goes way beyond a bad season.
  3. Yeah I'm not sure. I did think at the time it was a good idea and a retool on the fly was possible. It's just clear at this point in time, whatever the circumstances have been to get us here, that this isn't working at all.
  4. https://twitter.com/taj1944/status/1389666351745142785?s=20 "Sekeres' memo to Luigi Aquilini: You have an amateur scout running the team right now and it's looking more and more amateur by the day." Yep.
  5. This has been true of almost every GM in the past couple decades for this team. Gillis was handed a roster that was ready to jump to the next step, and did a lot of good things to get us there (-1 game ) but definitely continued the trend of dog sh** prospect pool development. This meant he handed Benning a team similar to what Burke handed Nonis: aging core, very few NHL-ready or even NHL potential prospects, and an over-abundance of no-trade clauses. That said, Benning was handed a team with the 6th overall pick in a good draft, plus a pretty good stack of aging assets that coul
  6. So many pages of arguments when all that matters is results.
  7. I do not understand how this management is still allowed to make trades.
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