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  1. Thing is goalie didn't expect that move either so if the puck hit the net he would be scrambling and then you have a few players around net ready to pounce on rebound he mishandled
  2. Replace JV with Lee as well....we are totally getting him damnit!
  3. Vancouver was beat city in the world was what I was replying to for context. Obviously Tryamkin thought otherwise as well Back on topic: Hopefully he does come back though might see Green not benching people that score and probably a lot more shared ice time might also appeal to him. I'd rather a guy that wants to be on the ice playing rather than someone who gets a contract and just wants his money.
  4. The 1 million dollar homes were nothing special, again many other locations I'd prefer for that kind of money. Foreign investors in Asia, which are now paying big taxes, caused large price inflation as they tried to shelter income etc Sure enough 32% drop in sales. Lots of predictions of up to 21% drop in value. I never called Van expensive I said home prices were over inflated and weather sucks. In response to Robb Also liveable.... wages and cost of living due to over inflated home prices is insane. Montreal keeps getting voted one of the
  5. You haven't traveled the world it sounds like, Van is far from nicest, unless you're emo and love rain, severe traffic massively over inflated house prices. There's so many beautiful ocean front towns in Europe
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