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  1. So ruthless, but so well used.
  2. Ever since Boucher has come back
  3. He only plays well with Boucher is in the line up is the thing, when RB was out, Lind vanished was odd.
  4. The return of Boucher is magic for the kid.
  5. Being on for 4 goals against...he was definitely accountable. He was a -3 vs Dallas where they lost 4-2 -2 Vs Colorado Lost 5-4
  6. Boucher back and Comets tear it up. Goldy with two primary, looks like he needs a sniper to play with. Would like to see Boucher, Goldy and Baer come up as 3rd line
  7. Welp, he was -3 tonight, just horrible. didn't Goldobin get neutered for being a defensive liability
  8. Thing is goalie didn't expect that move either so if the puck hit the net he would be scrambling and then you have a few players around net ready to pounce on rebound he mishandled
  9. Auto correct on phone where screen gets cut off from iPhones horrible keyboard
  10. I'm totally rooting for the kid, and Jasek and NG etc. I really like Jasek This is purely about making about about how poor the development is in Utica Heck look at Palmu in Liiga this year, that kid is on a tear Dhalen as well, even though he's no longer our prospect.
  11. Since Boucher and Baer have been out of line up Lind went from 1 ppg to Nov 1 - 0 Pts Nov 2 - 0 pts Nov 6 - 0 pts Nov 8 - 1A on pp Nov 9 - 0 pts Nov 11 - 0 Pts
  12. Uh Went from 1st line potential to JV and then up slightly Utica had a 4 game loss streak where they couldn't score for 2 games and barely won in OT last night due to their Vets being out of line up. They are doing terrible job of developing prospects, Lind, Jasek etc etc have been invisible without guys like Boucher in line up and Comets can't win
  13. I thought he had one, I swear he wore lady pants in that golf video.
  14. Goldobin played one game and was extremely defensively responsible, made a dive that stopped a 2 on 0, did he show up to camp without training in the off season as well?
  15. Austin Czarnik is the next McDavid, he absolutely embarrassed the Canucks non stop the entire game, not just one shift
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