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  1. Yeah, I would definitely go multiple years of NJ's own unprotected 1st rounders (at least 3) + NHL-ready prospect. At least 2 of the next 3 years will be lottery picks if they play all three together starting next season. It'd be a bonus if they could shake more picks/prospects out of the Devils, but 3 unprotected 1st rounders (NJ's own) + NHL-ready prospect would be my baseline.
  2. Let NJ offer sheet Hughes for 9 million+ if he's not extended for very long. We can use their picks.
  3. Supposedly, it's an "expected outcome" due to the broadening of gathering allowances and relaxation of social distancing/masking measures. The gamble our Provincial PHO is making is that because the majority of people are vaccinated, the restrictions can be reduced because there are expected to be less adverse or critically serious outcomes. Key word being gamble. Far be it from me to be a debbie downer, but I think that at some point, one of the variants will render the vaccines ineffective, which will compel us to be back to massive restrictions again.
  4. Back into triple digit new positive cases
  5. I'm curious to know how much overlap there is between "pro-choice" vaccination and "pro-life" anti-abortion populations. I suspect it might be a very close match, which is morbidly laughable, because on the one hand, they're touting "my body my choice" for vaccination... but then deny the same rights to people who also state "my body my choice" when it comes to abortions.
  6. Except you're disparaging the "pro-vaxxers" by suggesting they're also (ie. what you were responding to from @JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo's post) when in fact most "pro-vaxxers" I know of are basing their decision on science and the published results of scientific studies that have been peer reviewed. That's the part that I take issue with of your post. For context, your previous post:
  7. Not sure how peer-reviewed published scientific results qualify as "misinformed", how they can bring about "brainwash"ing, or be used to "manipulate". Peer reviewers generally speaking are required (by the nature of the work they do) to have no interest in the subject matter of the papers they review. edit - and by interest, I mean they are experts in the field, but aren't involved in the subject matter of the research... not that they dgaf about the subject matter
  8. If Eriksson's 6x6 was an albatross of a contract, I feel this is going to be a boat anchor before the end of it. Especially if the issues people raised about his character are even remotely true.
  9. I know what you mean. I'm too lazy to even try to find the "indifference" reaction here. Underwhelming during the games he was deployed. Really made me question why he was even on the ice.
  10. I think this is symptomatic of the people who think that civic duty begins and ends with "Me me me meeeeeeeeee... me me me meeeeeeeeeeee..." Such as, "if it's a bother to me, then i won't do it - it's my freedumb and civic duty", or "if I don't believe it, then it's not true - it's my freedumb and civic duty"... "I won't catch this disease (because I'm immortal), so I won't follow the precautionary measures and I won't get vaccinated - who cares about other people, it's my freedumb and civic duty". edit - pro.tip for the obtuse: civic duty is about more than yourself or
  11. Have I got news for you... https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/pfizer-astrazeneca-versus-delta-1.6113014 There's more, but I just captured the most tasty bits.
  12. My guess is that the NFL is taking the stance that there's a "proven" way to avoid a shutdown (because the vaccine inhibits the most serious of outcomes, thus even if there's an outbreak situation, it's no longer a matter of life or death), and if some players choose not to get vaccinated and by virtue of their non-vaccinated status (and therefore - at risk of death) are caught in an outbreak forcing a game to be cancelled (because the league does not want the liability associated with deaths to unvaccinated players on both teams as a result of the outbreak, regardless of who brought the virus
  13. Almost as if the planner in charge of the Canucks had a nervous twitch while mapping the first road trip. "Eh, nobody'll notice that first zig-zag..."
  14. Or you could think of it as 8 games influenced by the zebras, two without, and of the 10 games only 1 win. ...ok, I'll see myself out the door.
  15. The article's title is actually misleading - on two fronts. Mind you, this is SCMP we're talking about here, which is infused with ccp cash. 1. the nsl for China is a different set of considerations from the nsl they imposed on HK (yes, they're wiki links, I know - but it's the quickest way to demonstrate their differences); and 2. the 5 weren't arrested on either of the nsl's offenses, but rather via the Crimes Ordinance, aka. the criminal laws of HK, which are a different stream of judicial consciousness. The only thing "nsl" about this is that the nsl di
  16. Until you get one in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern hemisphere. Then multi-season olympians will have to choose between one or the other. For example, if Clara Hughes were still going at it, she'd have to choose between speed skating and cycling.
  17. And on the day after the 2nd anniversary of the Yuen Long Station indiscriminate attack on commuters (with a large helping of police cowardice or police collusion, pick your poison), we have sentencing of the very small subset of those who participated in the indiscriminate attacks: https://hongkongfp.com/2021/07/22/breaking-hong-kong-court-jails-7-men-for-3-5-to-7-years-over-2019-yuen-long-mob-attacks/ There was also a heavy police presence (and where were they 2 years ago?) at and around Yuen Long Station on the day of the anniversary. I won't quote the article, be
  18. I mean, it could go further - like him announcing the hiring of Iron Mike as his capologist...
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