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  1. Sure, but broaden your perspective. This virus isn't local. The pandemic (and consequently the restrictions that come with it) won't end until there's a solution globally.
  2. How about those "selfish bastards" in countries that can't get vaccine despite their best efforts to procure it? This is a global issue. It's not going away until there's a global solution.
  3. The politics will keep us in Phase 3. We never should have left Phase 2 when we did; that was too premature. People say that the economy would suffer if we stay in a more restrictive public health environment; I would contend that without a healthy population (ie. by bringing the pandemic truly under control globally, and not just locally), the economy will suffer regardless, and as long as this virus remains in wide circulation, there can be no real "recovery", because we'll keep cycling between varying orders. The best we can do right now is repair what we can, replace what we can't repair, and try to maintain things until this pandemic is able to be managed globally at a low transmissibility/minimal impact rate.
  4. True, but increased case count generally drives a higher probability of variants forming, plus also (generally) results in greater strain on the health system - so there is a need to understand what the potential case trend looks like to help drive public health policy (even if it's only in half-measures). Vaccines and masks - while generally effective to a certain point - do have their limitations (and I fully supoort these two measures too), and need to be layered in with other measures such as distancing/reduced capacity, reminding people to wash their grubby hands, and (in some cases) shutdown/lockdown in order to keep case counts manageable so that variants aren't as likely to arise and/or the health system isn't taken to its knees from increased hospitalizations resulting from infection.
  5. Once upon a time, their principles may have been. However, over the course of time, it's been pretty apparent that they've deviated far, far away from those principles.
  6. TBH, I am a bit surprised this wasn't an issue earlier (like, back in 1976, the first time there was a specific exemption), but it appears that there weren't that many religious minority lawyers called to the bar to make a general rule necessary. https://hongkongfp.com/2021/09/02/hong-kong-barristers-win-years-long-campaign-to-dump-wigs-for-religious-headdress/ For reference, Paul Harris SC is the head of the HK Bar Association and has previously been criticized by the ccp's mouthpieces in HK. Good on him for supporting such an initiative involving equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  7. Sorry @nuckin_futz - the China thread is three doors down. This is the HK thread.
  8. Yup, he's guilty alright. Guilty of unprofessional conduct and reckless behaviour just before he was to enter the NHL bubble in Edmonton: https://vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/canucks-virtanen-under-fire-after-visit-to-downtown-vancouver-nightclub Guilty of listless, inconsistent play: https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/benning-inconsistent-virtanen-to-get-his-ice-time-but-with-ahl-comets https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/canucks-virtanen-trade-market-team-looks-shake-stupor/ https://thehockeywriters.com/canucks-buying-out-virtanen-right-move/ Guilty of coming to training camp underprepared and out of shape: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/canucks-jake-virtanen-send-down-utica-comets https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/canucks-training-camp-jake-virtanen https://canucksarmy.com/2020/07/31/itchy-virtanen-gets-scratched-for-exhibition-game/ Those are reason enough for him to have been cut loose from the team. Good &^@#ing riddance, I say - in fact, probably a year or two too late in my mind.
  9. For anyone that thinks the ccp still espouses communist ideals, I think that's an illusion that has been dispelled by the ccp themselves often and with determination - even as they state their adherence and loyalty to communist principles ("with chinese characteristics"). https://hongkongfp.com/2021/09/01/university-of-hong-kong-labour-researcher-detained-by-police-in-china-during-studies-friends-say/ Two segments I wanted to touch upon from this article: First - HKU and its governance structures have actively and ruthlessly cracked down on its student body for matters relating to the anti-ELAB protests, pro-democracy movements, and more recently anything that runs counter to the government's wishes. It won't be a stretch of the imagination to think that the whole sum of assistance provided to the accosted student will amount to a big fat zero. If people really think that HKU will extend any sort of assistance, I only have three words to provide them - "good &^@#ing luck". Second - This is more what I was referring to earlier in my post here - that the ccp is cracking down on the very organizations that should form the basis of their struggle in support of the proletariat is very telling of the type of political philosophy they now espouse. It's certainly not communism that they aspire to achieve. In fact, there are more parallels to the emperors of yesteryear that they share than the communism they say they believe in.
  10. In fairness, "straw man" is an argument type, and that's what they're getting at - they're not saying that you're a scarecrow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man
  11. Waiting for Chicago to change their name to "Chicago Black Cocks", with a logo of a black rooster.
  12. Since when have the anti-vaccination/anti-masking/anti-passport lobby operated under logic?
  13. You never know when the deity known as the "Surfing Abalone Racecar Saint" will declare the coronavirus as "exempt".
  14. Particularly when it's as self-serving as the above, like how there's reference to his proposed romantic interests...
  15. I think it's because his past actions are inconsistent with the message of the future that his party's leader is trying to sell that is the basis of outrage. However, because it's not sex (as in harrassment) or violence (as in what's going to happen to those poor souls left behind in Afghanistan), none of the media will be chasing after the Rt. Hon. to stick this to him or his party. [/sarcasm]
  16. I wonder the same as well, but also for other professions - ie. not just medicine, but also for law, engineering, education, etc.
  17. I vaguely recall a similar story in the news, though I think it was the doctor crying foul in the news piece. Not sure if it's related to your Mom's case. Glad they saw the sense in continuing her prescribed medications. Then they should be asking the practitioner that initially prescribed those drugs for alternate options. Self-medication that is not under the supervision of a medical expert can really only take you so far...
  18. Pro tip: always listen to your staffers. They're the ones that will make or break your fortunes come election time. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/liberal-candidate-allegations-inappropriate-behaviour-female-staffers-1.6157917
  19. I don't disagree, and would ask why patients aren't seeking further medical direction from their physicians and/or following their physicians' advice when it comes to medication? I'm sure their family doctors could (have) provide(d) alternate options for their patients; that would likely result in better outcomes instead of their patients deciding to seek illicit supplies.
  20. That's true - and though I didn't state it outright, crime perpetrated by the user to feed their habit falls into the "harm is very localized to the user and those in the immediate vicinity" part. Having said that, I believe both levels of government are already working on "safe supply" issues as an intervention. I'm thinking the bureaucracy is the key obstacle at this point.
  21. I think placing the blame on "subsidizing drug addicts" is misguided. It's not like the government is giving wads of cash for addicts telling them to buy buy buy (and don't spend it anywhere else). If anything, the only blame that can be placed on the government is due to bureaucracy, which ours is notoriously slow at responding to anything. Inefficient/ineffective bureaucracies are what make programs fail. If you really want to place the blame on the record number of deaths, I would instead place that blame on the suppliers, most of which are illicit/illegal, and have turned the supply toxic. Disclaimer: I'm indifferent about the government's approach to tackling this opioid crisis. Taking drugs is a personal choice, and even though addictions do arise from use, ultimately the decision made by the individual comes with consequences that they should bear. If the government wants to intervene, great - but in this case as the harm is very localized to the user and those in the immediate vicinity/those who are related to the user. Unlike a viral infection, it doesn't replicate and seek new hosts; in most cases, it's a conscious decision by a person to engage in the activity. The only time when I feel government should definitely be involved with this is when someone pushes this garbage onto minors, and in those cases, law enforcement and the government should come down hard on those perpetrators.
  22. The courts haven't asked for his travel documents, so I think he's probably free to go. They'll probably serve him with a warrant should they press charges.
  23. It's already established you don't operate logically. Just returning the favour.
  24. I'm waiting for dude on the left to say, "duh, we done here? d'ok" and start moving off the ladder...
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